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Neurohop (also known as neuro) is a genre of music that originated in 2011 and rose to prominence in the mid 2010s. The music is characterized by a dark and aggressive atmosphere and a large emphasis on synthetic, morphing bass sounds and punchy drums at a tempo between 90 and 110 BPM.


Neurohop is a hybrid genre which came about by combining the sound design of neurofunk, a subgenre of drum and bass music, with the tempo and rhythms of glitch hop and other heavy midtempo electronic music. The origin of the genre's name trace back to the person who coined the term, a producer named Kursa.[1][2] Early pioneering producers of the genre include KOAN Sound, Kursa, Skope, Disprove, Culprate, Joe Ford, MakO, and Posij, who helped kickstart the genre in 2011 through 2013. The genre went through something of a decline in popularity over the next few years as many of these artists either changed genres or went inactive altogether. However, between 2016 and the present, younger producers such as Frequent, Vorso, Jade Cicada, Monuman, COPYCATT, and Chee have continued to innovate and release new music in the genre, which has helped revitalize neurohop.

Kursa is a music producer who created the term to describe his work. He created a 15-minute mix of 9 tracks titled Let's Call It Neurohop. This is the earliest known time that the word was used. The original has since been deleted, but was re-uploaded by Kursa to[3]


Some of the main characteristics of the neurohop genre are:

  • Filtered and distorted basses
  • Multiband frequency splitting basses (taking low mid & high frequency bands and applying different processing to each band)
  • Sampled basses (known more informally as a "Reese" bass, from a sound sampled from "Just Want Another Chance" by Reese)
  • Rhythmic bass repetitions
  • Heavy hitting and/or processed drums
  • Pitch-bending bass
  • Hip-hop tempo (generally around 80–115 BPM)
  • Glitch-based audio
  • Time-based audio stretching and warping

Notable artists[edit]

Notable labels[edit]

  • Inspected Records
  • Upscale Recordings
  • Caliber Music
  • Adapted Records

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