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Regions with significant populations
North Carolina
Iroquoian (historical)
Related ethnic groups

The Neusiok people lived "on the south side of lower Neuse river, within the present Lenoir, Craven and Carteret Counties, North Carolina."[1]

In one account, Wingina, Weroance of the Secotan (Roanoke) Indians, explained his own tribal history, in relation to the Neusiok, his neighboring tribe, referred to as the "Neiosioke" by Barlowe. According to Wingina, the Secotans endured years of warfare with the Neiosioke, and "some years earlier," he met with the Neiosioke king, in an effort to ensure a "permanent coexistence." The two leaders arranged a feast between the two groups. An unspecified number of Secotan men and 30 women attended a feast in the town of Neiosioke. The Neiosioke ambushed the Secotans at the feast, and by the time fighting ended, the Neiosioke had "slewn them every one, reserving the women and children only."[2]


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