Neutral Internet Exchange of the Czech Republic

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Neutral Internet eXchange of the Czech Republic
Full name Neutral Internet eXchange of the Czech Republic
Abbreviation NIX.CZ
Founded 1996
Location  Czech Republic
Website Official website
Members 146
Ports 247
Peak 528.7 Gbps

The Neutral Internet eXchange of the Czech Republic (NIX.CZ) associates Internet Service Providers in the Czech Republic with the objective of interconnecting their networks. The memorandum of association was signed on August 30, 1996. The association was registered by the District Council for Prague 6 on October 1, 1996 under company registration number 65990471. Its statutory body is a three-member Board of directors. Under its articles of association, the highest body of the association is the general meeting.[1] The association is active member of Euro-IX.

The association has constructed a Neutral Internet Exchange in the Prague, Czech Republic which interconnects the Internet networks of the individual providers, both association members and external customers and allows IPv4 and IPv6 peering currently in four independent locations (POPs).

In 2015 NIX.CZ acquired SITELiX in Bratislava, Slovakia and since then operate it as NIX.SK.[2]


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