Nevado del Quindío

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Nevado del Quindío
Manuel María Paz (watercolor 9050, 1853 CE).png
Nevado del Quindio, province of Cauca
aquarel by Manuel María Paz (1853)
Highest point
Elevation4,760 m (15,620 ft) [1]
ListingLos Nevados National Natural Park
Coordinates4°42′56″N 75°23′18″W / 4.71556°N 75.38833°W / 4.71556; -75.38833Coordinates: 4°42′56″N 75°23′18″W / 4.71556°N 75.38833°W / 4.71556; -75.38833[1]
Nevado del Quindío is located in Colombia
Nevado del Quindío
Nevado del Quindío
Location of Nevado del Quindío in Colombia
LocationRisaralda, Quindío & Tolima
Parent rangeCentral Ranges
Mountain typeAndesitic volcano
Volcanic arc/beltNorth Volcanic Zone
 Andean Volcanic Belt
Easiest routeCocora valley, Quindío

The Nevado del Quindío is an inactive volcano located in the Central Cordillera of the Andes in central Colombia. The summit marks the tripoint of the departments of Risaralda, Quindío and Tolima, and is also the highest point of the departments of Risaralda and Quindío. The mountain is one of the highest peaks in the Los Nevados National Natural Park, which is a wildlife sanctuary. There are no historical records of any eruption. The andesitic volcano is located on top of the Palestina Fault.[2][3]

The snow fields and glaciers in the mountain are decreasing in a progressive way, about ten percent annually since the first scientific measures in the late 1980s, presumably because of global warming.

The mountain offers beautiful landscapes, attracting touristic visits all the year. The lower part is a cloud forest habitat, rich in endemic species.

Botanist and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt visited the area in 1801, describing new species such as the frailejón.

In popular culture[edit]

The postal service of Colombia, AdPostal, released a postal stamp featuring the Nevado del Quindío and Von Humboldt, to celebrate the anniversary of his visit. It is a stratovolcano or composite volcano, evidenced by geological studies.

A watercolor painting of the volcano by Manuel María Paz (1820–1902) is held by the National Library of Colombia.[4]


View from the north peak of Nevado del Quindío

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