Neve Shalom, Tel Aviv

Coordinates: 32°03′41″N 34°45′56″E / 32.0613°N 34.7656°E / 32.0613; 34.7656
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Neve Shalom (lit. Dwelling place of peace) is an historic neighborhood in Tel Aviv, Israel. It was established in 1890 outside the walls of Jaffa[1] and named after Isaiah 32:18: "My people will live in a dwelling place of peace."


Neve Shalom was the second Jewish neighborhood built outside Jaffa in the 19th century, after Neve Tzedek.[2] It was located to the east of Manshiya.[3] The neighborhood was built in the same style as Neve Tzedek: low-rise buildings with red tiled roofs and decorative arched windows. The streets were narrow, with no clear separation between residential and industrial areas.[4]

One of the first public institutions, built in 1895, was Sha'arei Torah (lit. 'Gates of the Torah'), the beit midrash of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, which included a synagogue, a primary school, a high school and craft workshops. In addition to religious studies, the students learned carpentry and metalwork.[5]

In 1905, Rabbi Kook's brother-in-law, Raphael Rabinowitz-Teomim, established a girls' school that became an important center of Hebrew culture and language-learning.[6] In the wake of financial hardship and serious damage in 1948, the site was abandoned.[7]

In the early 1990s Neve Shalom was saved from demolition by proactive preservation activists.[8]


32°03′41″N 34°45′56″E / 32.0613°N 34.7656°E / 32.0613; 34.7656