Neve Zohar

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Neve Zohar
נְוֵה זֹהַר
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Neve Zohar is located in Israel
Neve Zohar
Neve Zohar
Coordinates: 31°9′7.53″N 35°21′54.58″E / 31.1520917°N 35.3651611°E / 31.1520917; 35.3651611Coordinates: 31°9′7.53″N 35°21′54.58″E / 31.1520917°N 35.3651611°E / 31.1520917; 35.3651611
Council Tamar
Region Dead Sea Valley

Neve Zohar (Hebrew: נְוֵה זֹהַר) is a communal settlement in the South District of Israel, and the capital of the Tamar Regional Council. It is located on the junction of Highway 31 and Highway 90 (Zohar Junction), on the shores of the Dead Sea and 23 km from Arad by road. It is the closest permanent settlement to the Ein Bokek Dead Sea hotel area. Neve Zohar is the lowest village in the world.


Homes in Neve Zohar

Neve Zohar was established in 1964 as a work camp for Dead Sea factory workers, although its immediate location was a major transport junction during numerous historical periods.[1]

The village is named for Zohar Stream, a wadi that flows into the Dead Sea.

In 2008, Neve Zohar had a population of 30 families.[2]

The Tamar Regional Council municipal buildings are located in Neve Zohar. The village also has a regional elementary school and a museum (Beit HaYotser, lit. "house of the potter" or "house of the Creator") showing Dead Sea-related items.

An unused airfield is located slightly to the southeast of the village.


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