Neveh Shalom Synagogue

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Neveh Shalom Synagogue
בית הכנסת נווה שלום
Paramaribo synogogue.jpg
Street view of synagogue exterior
Basic information
Location Keizerstraat 82
Paramaribo, Suriname
Geographic coordinates 5°49′42″N 55°9′33.8″W / 5.82833°N 55.159389°W / 5.82833; -55.159389
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Year consecrated 1665
Architectural description
Architect(s) Jan Francois Halfhide
Completed 1723

The Neveh Shalom Synagogue (Hebrew: בית הכנסת נווה שלום‎) is the only synagogue of the Ashkenazi community in Suriname.[1]

The lot on Keizerstraat 82 was acquired in 1716 by Sephardi Jews. The original building was completed in 1723 and replaced the first Surinamese synagogue in the Jodensavanne, originally built of wood between 1665-1671 (but already rebuilt with bricks). The synagogue was sold to the Ashkenazim in 1735, and the Sephardim formed a separate community known as Tzedek ve-Shalom. The two communities have since merged, and hold services in alternating buildings and alternating rites.

The current synagogue on the Keizerstraat 82 lot, designed by architect J.F. Halfhide, was completed in 1842 or 1843.

The Mosque Keizerstraat is adjacent to the synagogue.

Neveh Shalom Synagogue next to the Mosque Keizerstraat


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