Never End

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Never End
Author Ake Edwardson
Original title Låt det aldrig ta slut
Translator Laurie Thompson
Country Sweden
Language English
Series Inspector Winter
Genre Crime/Mystery
Publisher Harvill Secker
Publication date
Published in English
June 2006 (UK)
Media type Print
Pages 329pp
ISBN 1-84343-201-3
OCLC 64314962
Preceded by Sun and Shadow
Followed by Frozen Tracks

Never End is a crime novel by Swedish writer Åke Edwardson. It features his protagonist Inspector Erik Winter, who bucks the trend for Swedish detectives, being happily married, a new father, and supposedly the youngest Detective Inspector on the Swedish force. The novel was first published in Sweden in 2000, and was translated into English by Laurie Thompson in 2006.


A nineteen-year-old woman, Jeanette Bielke, is raped whilst walking home during the night. Inspector Winter is perturbed when he realises that the rape occurred in exactly the same spot as a similar crime, which in this case ended in murder, five years ago. That case remains unsolved, and looms even further into Winter's site when another rape occurs, and this one ends in murder again.