Never Ender

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Never Ender
Hot Water Music - Never Ender cover.jpg
Greatest hits album by Hot Water Music
Released March 2001
Recorded 1995-1998
Genre Post-hardcore, emo, punk rock
Length 44:35
Label No Idea Records
Producer Hot Water Music
Hot Water Music chronology
No Division
(1999)No Division1999
Never Ender
A Flight and a Crash
(2001)A Flight and a Crash2001
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars link
Pitchfork Media (6.6/10) link

Never Ender is a compilation album of material from several 7 inch records and split records by the band Hot Water Music released by No Idea Records in March 2001. Only the mail-order version of this album contains the second disc.

Track listing[edit]

Disc One (Blue)[edit]

  1. "Alachua"
  2. "Never Ender"
  3. "Tradition"
  4. "The Bitter End"
  5. "You Can Take the Boy Out of Bradenton"
  6. "Hate Mail Comes in August"
  7. "Elektra"
  8. "Things on a Dashboard"
  9. "Powder"
  10. "Us & Chuck"
  11. "Loft"
  12. "Sound for Language"

Disc Two (Red)[edit]

  1. "New Instrumental" (later re-recorded with vocals for "Instrumental")
  2. "Just Don't Say You Lost It"
  3. "Translocation"
  4. "Man the Change"
  5. "Position" (demo, pre-"Forever and Counting")
  6. "Difference Engine"
  7. "Sleeping Fan" (demo, pre-"Fuel for the Hate Game")
  8. "The Passing " ("Tommy Ham" version, not included on "Finding the Rhythms")
  9. "Powder"
  10. "Us & Chuck"
  11. "Loft"
  12. "Sound for Language" (the ACTUAL demo recordings, previously cassette-only: not the same as the HWM/TOM split)
  13. "Old Instrumental: Fast Guy" (demo, pre-"No Division")