Never Ending Song of Love

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"Never Ending Song of Love"
Never Ending Song of Love - Delaney & Bonnie.jpg
Single by Delaney & Bonnie
B-side"Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)"
ReleasedMay 1971 (U.S.)
Producer(s)Delaney Bramlett
Delaney & Bonnie singles chronology
"Free the People"
"Never Ending Song of Love"
"Only You Know and I Know"

"Never Ending Song of Love" is a song written by Delaney Bramlett, and, according to some sources, by his wife Bonnie Bramlett.[1] It was originally recorded with his band, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, in 1971 on the album Motel Shot. Released as a single by Atco Records the same year, "Never Ending Song of Love" became Delaney & Bonnie's greatest hit on the pop charts, reaching a peak of #13 on the Billboard Hot 100[2] and number eight Easy Listening.[3] It reached #16 in Australia.

"Never Ending Song of Love" has been prominently covered several times. A cover version by The New Seekers was a major hit in the United Kingdom and Ireland in 1971. It spent a few weeks at no. 2 in the UK charts and in South Africa,[4] reached no. 1 in the Irish charts, and featured on their album of the same name.

Chart history[edit]

Weekly charts[edit]

Delaney & Bonnie
New Seekers

Other cover versions[edit]

On the country music charts, at least three versions have become hits: Dickey Lee recorded a version at the same time as Delaney & Bonnie's original, which reached #8 on Billboard's country charts. Eleven years later, the Osmond Brothers had a minor hit with the song, which reached #43 on the country charts in 1982. Crystal Gayle's last U.S. chart hit was a cover of the song, which reached #72 on the country chart in 1990. As of 2008, it had been covered by over 100 artists.[17]

A French-language cover of the song (as "Un amour qui ne veut pas mourir") was also recorded by Canadian singer Renée Martel in 1972 as one of the first songs she recorded after transitioning from pop to country music.[18]


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