Never Ending Tour 1998

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Never Ending Tour 1998
Tour by Bob Dylan
Start dateJanuary 13, 1998
End dateNovember 7, 1998
No. of shows56 in North America
6 in South America
33 in Europe
15 in Oceania
110 in Total
Bob Dylan concert chronology

The Never Ending Tour is the popular name for Bob Dylan's endless touring schedule since June 7, 1988.[1][2]

Background information[edit]

The Never Ending Tour 1998 started in North America with two performances in New London, Connecticut and five concerts at the Madison Square Theatre. Dylan continued to tour the North-East states until the tour came to a close on February 22 in Fairfax, Virginia.[3]

After finishing the North American winter tour, Dylan performed two concerts in Miami, Florida, before flying to South America to support The Rolling Stones as well as performing several South American concerts without them.[4]

Dylan returned to the United States to perform eight concerts with Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison.[5] Shortly after finishing this tour Dylan travelled to Europe to perform a 33 date concert tour with several major festival appearances, including Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, Norwegian Wood Festival, Roskilde Festival and Glastonbury Festival.[6]

In August Dylan travelled to Australia to perform his first tour there since 1992. The tour started off with a performance at the Mercury Lounge. Dylan performed another ten concerts in Australia before travelling to New Zealand, where he performed four concerts, two of which were in Auckland.[7]

After finishing his Oceania tour Dylan flew from Australia to Hawaii. He also performed a further six concerts in the United States all of which were dual concerts with Van Morrison.[8]

In October Dylan toured North America without support from any other major act. He performed seven concerts in Canada and ten in the United States. The tour came to an end on November 7 in Atlanta, Georgia after one hundred and ten concerts.[9]


Date City Country Venue Tickets Sold/Available Box Office
North America
January 13, 1998 New London United States Garde Arts Center N/A N/A
January 14, 1998 N/A N/A
January 16, 1998 New York City Madison Square Garden Theater N/A N/A
January 17, 1998 N/A N/A
January 18, 1998 N/A N/A
January 20, 1998 N/A N/A
January 21, 1998 N/A N/A
January 23, 1998 Boston Fleet Center 28,800 / 28,800 (100%) $1,454,860
January 24, 1998
January 27, 1998 Poughkeepsie Mid-Hudson Civic Center N/A N/A
January 28, 1998 Syracuse Landmark Theatre N/A N/A
January 30, 1998 Brookville Tilles Center for the Performing Arts N/A N/A
January 31, 1998 Atlantic City Etess Arena 4,764 / 4,764 (100%) $155,200
February 1, 1998 Newark Prudential Hall N/A N/A
February 2, 1998 Springfield Symphony Hall N/A N/A
February 14, 1998 Cleveland Public Auditorium N/A N/A
February 15, 1998 Toledo John F. Savage Hall N/A N/A
February 17, 1998 St. Louis Fox Theatre N/A N/A
February 19, 1998 Cincinnati Cincinnati Gardens 4,410 / 7,310 (60%) $124,852
February 20, 1998 Bristol Viking Hall N/A N/A
February 22, 1998 Fairfax Patriot Center N/A N/A
March 30, 1998 Miami Beach Cameo Theater N/A N/A
March 31, 1998 N/A N/A
South America
April 4, 1998 Buenos Aires Argentina River Plate Stadium N/A N/A
April 5, 1998 N/A N/A
April 7, 1998 Porto Alegre Brazil Bar Opinião N/A N/A
April 11, 1998 Rio de Janeiro Praça da Apoteose N/A N/A
April 13, 1998 São Paulo Ibirapuera Sporting Complex N/A N/A
April 15, 1998 Santiago Chile Teatro Monumental N/A N/A
North America
May 14, 1998 Vancouver Canada General Motors Arena N/A N/A
May 16, 1998 George United States The Gorge Amphitheatre N/A N/A
May 17, 1998 N/A N/A
May 19, 1998 San Jose San Jose Arena 14,185 / 14,185 (100%) $865,425
May 21, 1998 Los Angeles Pauley Pavilion N/A N/A
May 22, 1998 N/A N/A
May 23, 1998 Anaheim Arrowhead Pond Arena 12,329 / 12,329 (100%) $802,580
May 30, 1998[A] Nürburg Germany Nürburgring N/A N/A
May 31, 1998[B] Nuremberg Frankenstadion N/A N/A
June 2, 1998 Leipzig Messehalle Leipzig N/A N/A
June 3, 1998 Berlin Waldbühne N/A N/A
June 4, 1998 Rostock Stadthalle Rostock N/A N/A
June 6, 1998[C] Malmö Sweden Sibbarps Strand N/A N/A
June 7, 1998[D] Oslo Norway Frognerbadet N/A N/A
June 9, 1998 Stockholm Sweden Globe Arena N/A N/A
June 10, 1998 Gothenburg Scandinavium N/A N/A
June 11, 1998 Copenhagen Denmark Forum Copenhagen N/A N/A
June 12, 1998 Hamburg Germany Hamburg Stadtpark N/A N/A
June 14, 1998 Bremen Stadthalle N/A N/A
June 15, 1998 Rotterdam Netherlands Ahoy Rotterdam N/A N/A
June 16, 1998 Essen Germany Grugahalle N/A N/A
June 17, 1998 Brussels Belgium Forest National N/A N/A
June 19, 1998 Belfast Northern Ireland Belfast Botanic Gardens N/A N/A
June 20, 1998 Newcastle England Telewest Arena N/A N/A
June 21, 1998 Glasgow Scotland Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre N/A N/A
June 23, 1998 Sheffield England Sheffield Arena N/A N/A
June 24, 1998 Birmingham NEC LG Arena N/A N/A
June 25, 1998 Manchester NYNEX Arena N/A N/A
June 26, 1998[E] Roskilde Denmark Roskilde Dyrskueplads N/A N/A
June 27, 1998 London England Wembley Arena N/A N/A
June 28, 1998[F] Pilton Worthy Farm N/A N/A
June 30, 1998 Paris France Zénith de Paris N/A N/A
July 1, 1998 Dijon Palais des Sports de Dijon N/A N/A
July 3, 1998[G] Montreux Switzerland Stravinsky Hall N/A N/A
July 4, 1998 Villafranca Italy Castello Scaligero N/A N/A
July 5, 1998 Rome Piazza di Spagna N/A N/A
July 6, 1998 Lucca Piazza Napoleone N/A N/A
July 9, 1998[H] Turin Collegno Torino N/A N/A
July 11, 1998[I] Escalante Spain La Guingueta d'Àneu N/A N/A
July 12, 1998[J] Frauenfeld Switzerland Openair Frauenfeld N/A N/A
August 19, 1998 Melbourne Australia Mercury Lounge N/A N/A
August 21, 1998 Rod Laver Arena N/A N/A
August 22, 1998 N/A N/A
August 24, 1998 Adelaide Adelaide Entertainment Centre N/A N/A
August 26, 1998 Perth Burswood Dome N/A N/A
August 28, 1998 Darwin Darwin Amphitheatre N/A N/A
August 30, 1998 Townsville Townsville Entertainment Centre N/A N/A
September 1, 1998 Brisbane Brisbane Entertainment Centre N/A N/A
September 3, 1998 Sydney Sydney Entertainment Centre N/A N/A
September 4, 1998 N/A N/A
September 5, 1998 Wollongong WIN Entertainment Centre N/A N/A
September 7, 1998 Auckland New Zealand North Shore Events Centre N/A N/A
September 8, 1998 N/A N/A
September 10, 1998 Wellington Queens Wharf Events Centre N/A N/A
September 12, 1998 Christchurch Christchurch Entertainment Centre N/A N/A


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