Never Love a Stranger

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Never Love a Stranger
Film poster
Directed by Robert Stevens
Produced by Richard Day
Peter Gettinger
Harold Robbins
Written by Richard Day
Harold Robbins
Starring John Drew Barrymore
Steve McQueen
Robert Bray
Music by Raymond Scott
Cinematography Lee Garmes
Edited by Sidney Katz
Distributed by Allied Artists Pictures
Release date
June 22, 1958
Running time
91 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Never Love A Stranger is a 1958 crime and gangster film that is based on Harold Robbins' 1948 debut novel with the same title. The film was shot in black and white starring John Drew Barrymore and Robert Bray, and featuring a young Steve McQueen.

The noir film is about Frankie Kane (Barrymore) who is brought up in a Catholic orphanage. He befriends a Jewish law student named Martin Cabell (McQueen) and becomes romantically involved with Cabell's sister Julie (Lita Milan). Kane learns later that he is also Jewish, and when told he will be removed from the orphanage and moved to a Jewish home he runs away and turns to a life of crime. Later, after joining a major crime syndicate, he reconnects with Julie, finally deciding to join Martin, now a District Attorney, in shutting down the syndicate.

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