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The Never Miss a Super Bowl Club (or the NMASB Club) is a group of people that was popularized in a Visa commercial in 2010. They have attended every Super Bowl since 1967.[1] As shown on the commercial, the group consisted of four people, although it was announced in February 2011 that one member would not be able to attend that year's game.


The club was first popularized by Visa as part of an advertising campaign called Go Fans. The commercial was narrated by Morgan Freeman. Surveys have shown that most respondents would be willing to miss or postpone major events in their life, including the birth of their child or a wedding date, to see the Super Bowl. As a result, Visa came up with an advertising campaign to feature four men who have attended every Super Bowl since the first one in 1967.[2] The four men were New England Patriots fan Don Crisman, San Francisco 49ers fan Larry Jacobson, Pittsburgh Steelers fan Thomas Henschel, and Green Bay Packers fan Robert Cook. The commercial itself featured the four men holding up tickets for 44 years of Super Bowls. At one point, there were five members, but one became immobile after turning 80.[3] In 2017, another person who had also gone to every Super Bowl game, Gregory Eaton, met the three remaining members and officially joined the club.[4]


A promotion was also run during the commercial. The Super Bowl Trip for Life Sweepstakes stated that anyone who used their Visa card between September 9 and December 31, 2010, would be entered to win a chance to see the Super Bowl for life. Winners would receive round-trip airfare, accommodations, and tickets to the Super Bowl.[2] In 2011, it was announced that Tyler Weber, then 24 years old, won the contest.[5]

Loss of a member[edit]

In early February 2011, it was announced that 79-year-old Robert Cook would be unable to attend Super Bowl XLV after being hospitalized in Wisconsin. His daughters were expected to attend the game in his place.[6][7] He died a few days later.[8] The remaining three members of the club have continued their tradition through at least Super Bowl LI.

In October 2017, member Larry Jacobson, 78, of San Francisco, CA passed away. [9]

New members[edit]

On Super Bowl LII a new member Gregory Eaton joined the club to bring it back to 3 members. Also joined is honorary member Heather Jacobson,the daughter of Larry Jacobson,who was one of the original 4 members