Never a Dull Moment (1950 film)

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Never a Dull Moment
Directed by George Marshall
Produced by Harriet Parsons
Written by Lou Breslow
Doris Anderson
Kay Swift (book)
Starring Irene Dunne
Fred MacMurray
Music by Frederick Hollander
Cinematography Joseph Walker
Edited by Robert Swink
Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures
Release date
  • November 21, 1950 (1950-11-21) (Premiere-New York City)[1]
  • November 22, 1950 (1950-11-22) (US)[1]
Running time
89 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $1.2 million[2]
Box office $1,425,000 (US)[3] or $1.8 million[2]

Never a Dull Moment is a 1950 RKO comedy film starring Irene Dunne and Fred MacMurray.[4] The film is based on the 1943 book Who Could Ask For Anything More? by Kay Swift.


At a rodeo in New York, visiting cowboy Chris Heyward is charmed to make the acquaintance of Kay Kingsley, a songwriter. They marry and move out west to his ranch.

Wyoming welcomes her, including Chris' former romantic interest Jean Morrow and his two daughters from a previous marriage, Nan and Tina. A rival rancher named Mears holds the water rights to his land and is accidentally humiliated by Kay at a dance.

She tries without complaint to adjust to her new life, but it's hard. A windstorm threatens their home, the children are leery of her and Kay accidentally kills Mears' prize steer.

Offered a job back in New York that could help pay for the water, Kay takes it but alienates Chris. He needs to be persuaded by the kids to return east and win her back.



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