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Nevercenter Ltd. Co. is a private company founded in 2003 and based near Salt Lake City, Utah.[1] The company is a small team devoted to the development of software for Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms. Prominent titles include:

  • Silo, a 3D modeling application using subdivision surfaces for Windows and Mac OS.[2] Originally released August 2003; Silo 2 released August 2007.[3]
  • CameraBag, a photo editing app available for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. 2012 Mac App of the Year Runner-Up.[4] Originally released for iOS in September 2008 as a vintage photo filter app,[5] Mac support was added in September 2009. The program was then redesigned and updated to "CameraBag 2" in 2012 as a full image editing application for Mac and PC, with the iOS version of CameraBag 2 following soon after.[6]
  • Shibuya, a fast-paced falling block-based puzzle game, currently available for iPhone and iPad. "Pax 10" Indie Game Winner, 2010.[7] Released September 2010, during the 2010 PAX Prime conference.[8]
  • Infinicam, a photo filtering app for iPhone released in September 2010.[9]


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