Nevermind the Living Dead

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Nevermind the Living Dead
Nevermind Living Dead.jpg
Studio album by Stuck in the Sound
Released 6 November 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Indie rock
Length 56:38
Language English
Label Discograph
Stuck in the Sound chronology
Stuck in the Sound
Nevermind the Living Dead
Shoegazing Kids

Nevermind the Living Dead is the first studio album from French indie rock band Stuck in the Sound. Released on 6 November 2006 on the Discograph label, the record was the first by the band to be commercially released. It followed their self-titled 2004 debut and included a number of songs from the previous record. It was released as a compact disc in France, and as a download in a number of other countries. The album was generally well received and has been praised in particular for its sharp melodies and punchy guitars.[1] The record garnered comparisons to bands such as At the Drive-In and Pixies.[1] By the band's own admission, Nevermind the Living Dead was about showing off what they could do.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Stuck in the Sound.[3]

No. Title Length
1. "I Shot My Friend" 4:55
2. "Toy Boy" 4:25
3. "Cramp, Push and Take It Easy!" 3:34
4. "Delicious Dog" 5:09
5. "Waste" 4:15
6. "Don't Break the Bar Please Dumbo!" 2:29
7. "Don't Go Henry" 5:13
8. "Nevermind the Living Dead" 5:02
9. "Never on the Radio" 2:51
10. "I Travel the World" 4:17
11. "It's (Friday)" 3:01
12. "Third Eyed Girl" 4:37
13. "You Ain't For Me" 6:55


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