Nevermore (2006 film)

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Directed by Toke Constantin Hebbeln
Produced by Manuel Bickenbach
Screenplay by Nina Vukovic
Toke Constantin Hebbeln
Starring Leonard Proxauf
Rolf Becker
Manni Laudenbach
Cinematography Felix Novo de Oliveira
Release date
  • 23 October 2006 (2006-10-23)
Running time
63 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Nevermore, German: NimmerMeer, is a 2006 film written and directed and co-written by Toke Constantin Hebbeln. The film was largely produced and shot by students of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The film is in the form of a fairy tale, set in 19th century rural Germany, although location shooting was actually in Denmark. A young boy called Jonas Block (Leonard Proxauf) loves the magical stories told to him by his father, Helge (Rolf Becker), an impoverished fisherman. After his father dies, the orphaned Jonas is taken in by the austere clergyman Pfarrer Ekdahl (Sylvester Groth), but is subjected to harsh discipline and neglect. When a travelling circus arrives in the village, the ringmaster, Grido (Manni Laudenbach), befriends Jonas and teaches him to believe in the power of dreams and imagination.


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