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Neverness is a science fiction novel written by David Zindell and published in 1988. The novel grew from a 1985 novelette entitled 'Shanidar'. Neverness (the title may be an allusion to Borges) concerns a medium far-future world where mathematicians have become a kind of caste or religious order, because of their abilities to do the calculations needed for space travel. It follows one, Mallory Ringess, as he discovers secrets and strangeness in the Universe he inhabits. Amongst these are experiences with the science fiction equivalent of a Goddess who was once a little girl and the discovery of immortals.

The book is praised for its unusual approach to showing an unfamiliar world, and the deep complexity of its story.[1]

There is a trilogy of sequel novels to Neverness called A Requiem for Homo Sapiens.

Won the Gigamesh Award to best novel in 1991.[2]


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