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New South Wales
Mitchell Highway, Nevertire
Nevertire is located in New South Wales
Coordinates 31°51′S 147°43′E / 31.850°S 147.717°E / -31.850; 147.717Coordinates: 31°51′S 147°43′E / 31.850°S 147.717°E / -31.850; 147.717
Population 225 (2011 census)[1]
LGA(s) Warren Shire

Nevertire is a rural village in New South Wales, Australia. It is located at the junction of the Mitchell Highway and the Oxley Highway, in Warren Shire. Nevertire is about 525 kilometres northwest of Sydney, 68 km north-west of Narromine and about 90 km from Dubbo. It is about 20 km south-west of Warren on the western end of the Oxley Highway.[2] At the 2011 census, Nevertire had a population of 225 people.[1]


Originally the village was known as Warren Pond. The Main West railway line reached Nevertire in 1882 and the local pub was already trading before the town was surveyed in 1883. The town was devastated by a cyclone on 28 December 1896.[3] The town once had a railway station, operated by the State Rail Authority but with the demise of country rail travel in the 1980s, the passenger services were replaced by a coach service run by CountryLink.


Nevertire is at the junction of the Main Western railway line to Nyngan and the branch line to Warren. The village is now served by three CountryLink Coach services: one to Bourke, one to Nyngan and one to Cobar/Broken Hill. Bourke Coach operates four times per week, the Broken Hill coach operates daily, and the Nyngan coach, which also serves Warren, operates four times per week.

There is a large grain handling facility on the railway line, operated by GrainCorp, and served by Pacific National trains. The main building in Nevertire is the Nevertire hotel. This hotel serves as a bar, hotel, motel, post office and restaurant. There was also a General Store, of which business ceased many years ago, however, the building still exists, it is used for storage by the adjoining private residence.

There is a Cafe in Nevertire.

The New owner bought the Nevertire Cafe on 10th October 2014. And re-open the Nevertire Cafe on Friday 13th March 2015. Also on facebook as Nevertire Cafe. Inside the Nevertire Cafe, it is very clean. The Burgers are delicious and the coffee is one of the best in N.S.W. very smooth. Most of the customers are from other area, some of the customers from Dubbo and Broken Hill just for the Delicious Burgers and The Good Coffees.


Nevertire Public school closed at the conclusion of the 2002 academic year, due to a lack of enrolments. Children in Nevertire now go to Warren Central School or St Mary's in Warren.

The village is the subject of Betty Casey’s poem Nevertire[3] and Henry Lawson once described it as the edge of the Great Grey Plain.


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