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Neville Neville (born 26 September 1949) is a former league cricketer, football agent and director. He is the father of professional association football players Gary Neville and Phil Neville and netball player Tracey Neville.

Cricket career[edit]

Neville played cricket for Greenmount Cricket Club in the Bolton Cricket League league during the 1980s.[1] His daughter Tracey cites this as her earliest sporting memory.[2]


Neville is married to Jill Neville, General Manager and Club Secretary of English Football League club Bury. They have three children who have all been professional athletes: Gary and twins Tracey and Phil.[2][3]

Neville is the agent for his two sons. He has represented both during contract talks with their clubs.[4] After Euro 2004, Neville negotiated [clarification needed] with executive David Gill of Manchester United.[5]

His eldest son Gary decided to postpone any testimonial match until his playing career was over. Neville Neville stated that "In this day and age when players earn such fantastic amounts of money we think it would be better to create some kind of facility for the supporters."[6]

Football and charity work[edit]

Neville is a former director of club Bury of the English Football League.[7][8] He was the spearhead and vice-chairman of the "save our shakers" appeal which was a bid to give financial assistance to the struggling football club after it had gone into administration.[8][9]

The campaign was "brilliantly orchestrated"[8] by Neville and he was praised for tirelessly organising supporters groups, giving media interviews and working closely with the administrators to arrange a deal to secure the club's safety. It is said that Bury owe Neville "a huge debt".[8]


Neville has achieved somewhat of a cult status among football fans because of his unusual name. His name is part of what has been called "one of the best chants in football":[10][11]

(Sung to the tune of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel")


On 26 March 2013, Neville was arrested on suspicion of indecent assault by Greater Manchester Police. He was bailed until May of that year, pending further inquiries.[12] He was found not guilty on 19 December 2013.


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