Neville Park Loop

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Neville Park Loop
Neville Park Loop CLRV 4185.JPG
Location Queen Street East at Nursewood Road
Toronto, Ontario
Coordinates 43°40′25.5″N 79°16′53″W / 43.673750°N 79.28139°W / 43.673750; -79.28139Coordinates: 43°40′25.5″N 79°16′53″W / 43.673750°N 79.28139°W / 43.673750; -79.28139
Owned by Toronto Transit Commission
Opened 1922

Neville Park Loop is the eastern terminus of the 301/501 Queen streetcar line, the longest streetcar route of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).[1] It is also the terminus of the 143 Beaches/Downtown express bus service.[2] It is located at the southwest corner of Queen Street East and Nursewood Road in The Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto. It is named after the street which is just west of the loop.

Streetcars enter eastbound and loop anticlockwise to exit at Nursewood Road and turn north to Queen Street where they return westbound.


The loop was constructed in 1922 by the newly created Toronto Transportation Commission, which had taken over and amalgamated existing ageing streetcar systems within the city limits.[3] For that reason, the line ends here at the easterly boundary of what had been the old City of Toronto and the westerly boundary of Scarborough, Ontario.

On Neville Park Boulevard, south of Queen Street, there remains a short section of track running towards the lake where there once was a wye.[4]


Although this is the terminus for 301/501 Queen streetcars, there is no passenger access to the loop. The first westbound stop is immediately opposite on the north side of Queen Street and the last stop eastbound is at Neville Park Boulevard. The 301/501 Queen streetcars then proceed westbound, following their route, usually towards Humber Loop or Long Branch Loop. The loop is also the terminus of the 143 Beaches / Downtown premium express service, which proceeds westbound to downtown via Eastern Avenue.

Overview of Neville Park Loop at the southwest corner of Queen Street East and Nursewood Road


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