Nevin Yanıt Athletics Complex

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Nevin Yanıt Athletics Complex
Nevin Yanıt Atletizm Kompleksi
Nevin Yanıt Athletics Complex, Mersin, Turkey.JPG
Location Mersin, Turkey
Coordinates 36°47′18″N 34°33′01″E / 36.78833°N 34.55028°E / 36.78833; 34.55028Coordinates: 36°47′18″N 34°33′01″E / 36.78833°N 34.55028°E / 36.78833; 34.55028
Capacity 4,500
Opened 2010
Expanded 2013
Nevit Yanıt Athletics Complex.jpg

The Nevin Yanıt Athletics Complex (Turkish: Nevin Yanıt Atletizm Kompleksi) also known as Nevin Yanıt Athletics Facility (Turkish: Nevin Yanıt Atletizm Tesisler) is a sports venue for athletics competitions in track and field located in Mersin, Turkey.[1]


The stadium, situated at Kocavilayet neighborhood of Mersin, was built in 2010,[2] and renamed in February 2011 in honor of the European champion hurdler Nevin Yanıt (born 1986), a native of Mersin.[3][4] It has a seating capacity of 4,500.[5]

The complex hosted the athletics and paralympic athletics events of the 2013 Mediterranean Games.[1]

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