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Nevio Passaro
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Background information
Born (1980-05-11) 11 May 1980 (age 37)
Origin Bad Windsheim, Germany
Genres Pop
Occupation(s) singer, songwriter, producer, interpreter
Instruments vocals, piano, guitar
Years active 1999–present
Labels Universal Music Group, Ariola, Studio Uno Records

Nevio Passaro (born 11 May 1980 in Bad Windsheim) is a German-Italian singer, songwriter and producer,[1] who uses the Italian, German and English language for his self-composed music.[2]


Nevio Passaro was raised in Neustadt an der Aisch, a city in the south of Germany. Already as a small child he was very interested in music, not in the least because his mother, a music teacher, taught him how to play the piano in an early stage of his life. In the years growing up, he taught himself how to play the piano and the guitar.

From 2000 to 2005 he studied “Modern foreign languages for interpreters and translators” at the University of Bologna, situated in Forlì. In December 2006 he graduated as simultaneous-interpreter and translator in Italian, German, English and French.

Since 2007 he lives and works in Berlin, where he owns “Studio Uno”, an Artist Management & Recording Studio.[3]


Already in 1999 Nevio Passaro released his first single “La mia parola” with BMG Ariola (RCA). After competing in a German talentshow and till today he has numerous live-performances through all of Germany, but also in Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland and South Africa. On August 8, 2006, he signed a record deal with Universal Music. His first self-composed single “Amore per sempre” was released at January 19, 2007 and stormed to the second place in the German singlecharts. “Nevio”, his first album, was released on February 16, 2007, went to fifth place in the German album charts and later reached the gold status.

At May 3, 2007 Nevio Passaro got the Comet (a German musicprize) in the categorie “Best Newcomer”. He was also nominated in the category “Best Artist”. He also won the Bavarian Popkomm-Musiklöwe as “Shootingstar 2007”. The tour following his album “Nevio”, brought him within 3 weeks to 17 German and Austrian cities.[4]

Nevio Passaro was also nominated for the Echo (most important German music prize) in the categorie „Nachwuchspreis der Deutschen Phonoakademie“ as best newcomer in 2008.

His second studioalbum “Due” was released in Germany at September 19, 2008.[5] The first single of this album, “Sento”, was released at September 5, 2009. A few days later Nevio had an unplugged concert at the Konzerthaus Dortmund, where he introduced his new album.[6] The tour following his album “Due” took place in January and February in Germany.

On February 27, 2009 Nevio Passaro released a musicvideo to his single “Non Ti Aspettavo (Libertà)”, a duet with the Australian singer Gabriella Cilmi, which was released in April 2009. On the album “Due” is also another duet (Gli ultimi brividi) with the Italian singer Giorgia, winner of the famous Sanremo festival.[7]

The presentation of Nevio Passaros third album, “Berlino”, took place on April 7, 2011 in Berlin.[8] The official release of this album was on July 29, 2011, but on May 20, 2011 Nevio released a Fan-Edition of this album. Nevio composed the lyrics and music himself in his own Recording Studio. The tour following his album “Berlino” was in September and October 2011 and went through 15 German cities, ending with a concert in the Austrian capital Vienna.[9]

In 2012 Nevio Passaro participated in the Sat.1-Music-Game-Show The Winner is., in which he won his category “Professionals”.[10] In the same year Nevio visited the German cities Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin on his “Dal vivo”-tour.[11]

The single “Castingstar” was released on March 28, 2014. “Castingstar” is the single, which will lead to Nevio Passaros fourth studioalbum “Nordsüdlich von hier”, which will be released in 2015. The songs on this album will all be in the German language.[12]

At the annual musicfair Frankfurt, at April 18, 2015, Nevio Passaro received the “Musik-Fachaward” for “Best video 2015” (“Castingstar”) and also in the category “German Act 2015”. On May 1, 2015 Nevio openend the German pavilion of the Expo 2015 in Milan with 2 live-concerts [13] and played at the "Festival der Einheit", which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the German union, together with other famous German music acts at the big stage at the Brandenburg Gate in front of 1 Million people at October 3, 2015 [14]

The most recent single “Piccolo re (Make love not war)”, a duet with the Italian tenor Domenico Re, was released on November 26, 2015 and is also found on the re-release of the album “Berlino” (“Berlino reloaded”) which is in onlinestores since December 11, 2015. All revenues from this single go, as the half of the revenues from the album, directly to help refugees.[15][16]

From May 5 till May 11, 2016 Nevio Passaro joined this years trip to Cape Town, South Africa, for the HOPE Cape Town project as ambassador, together with Fidei donum-priest Stefan Hippler and the initiator of the annually HOPE Gala in Dresden, Germany, Viola Klein.[17] As part of his activity as ambassador he visited, among others, a children's hospital, assisted by the HOPE Cape Town Foundation, as well as various townships and schools. Furthermore, Nevio Passaro had musical performances both on the South African TV program "Expresso Show" on May 6 and during the "Ball of HOPE " on May 7, 2016.



Title Album details Peak chart positions Certifications
  • Released: February 16, 2007
  • Label: Universal
  • Formats: CD, digital download
5 7 11
Nevio - Viva la Musica Edition
  • Released: October 5, 2007
  • Label: Universal
  • Formats: CD, digital download
- - -
  • Released: September 19, 2008
  • Label: Universal
  • Formats: CD, digital download
26 24 -
  • Released: July 29, 2011
  • Label: Exzess Berlin
  • Formats: CD, digital download
- - -
Berlino reloaded
  • Released: December 11, 2015
  • Label: Studio Uno Records
  • Formats: digital download
- - -


Released Single Peak chart positions Certifications Album
March 26, 1999 "La Mia Parola" - - - -
January 19, 2007 "Amore per Sempre" 2 10 26 Nevio
May 18, 2007 "Run Away" 28 19 - Nevio
September 21, 2007 "Firenze / Giulia" 35 23 - Nevio - Viva la Musica Edition
September 5, 2008 "Sento" 35 17 - Due
April 10, 2009 "Non Ti Aspettavo (Libertà)"
(featuring Gabriella Cilmi)
- - - Due
May 6, 2011 "Oraieridomani" - - - Berlino
March 28, 2014 "Castingstar" - - - -
November 26, 2015 "Piccolo re (Make love not war)"
(featuring Domenico Re)
- - - Berlino reloaded


  • 2007: Comet for Best Newcomer[23]
  • 2007: Comet Nomination for Best Artist national[23]
  • 2007: Gold record for album Nevio (in Germany)[24]
  • 2007: Bayerischer Musiklöwe for Best Newcomer
  • 2008: Nomination for Bravo Otto
  • 2008: Nomination for Echo in categorie „Nachwuchspreis der Deutschen Phonoakademie“
  • 2015: Musik-Fachaward 2015 in categorie „Best Video“[25]
  • 2015: Musik-Fachaward 2015 in categorie „German Act“[26]



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