Nevis Island Assembly

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Nevis Island Assembly
Nevis Island Administration seal.png
President of the Assembly
Farrel Smithen
since 2013
Mark Brantley, CCM
since 2017
Nevis Island Assembly 2022.svg
Political groups
  •   Concerned Citizens' Movement (3)



  •   Appointed (3)
Last election
12 December 2022
Meeting place
The Museum of Nevis History - Alexander Hamilton birthplace.jpg
Museum of Nevis History
Charlestown, Nevis

The Nevis Island Assembly is the devolved local legislative body for the island of Nevis within the Federation of St Kitts and Nevis.

The Assembly has a total of eight members. Five are directly elected in single-member constituencies using the first-past-the-post system. Three are appointed. Members serve five-year terms.

The Nevis Island Assembly meets in Charlestown on the second floor of Museum of Nevis History building.

Mark Brantley has been Premier of Nevis since the 2017 election after leading the Concerned Citizens' Movement to victory.[1]

Presidents of the Assembly[edit]

Name Took office Left office Notes
Spencer Byron 1983 1996 [2]
Marjorie Morton 1996 2011 [3]
Christine Springette 2011 2013 [4]
Farrel Smithen 2013 Incumbent [5]

Election results[edit]

Summary of the 12 December 2022 Nevis Island Assembly election results[6]
Parties Votes % Seats
Concerned Citizens' Movement 3,930 52.4% 3
Nevis Reformation Party 3,543 47.2% 2
Moral Restoration Movement 28 0.4% 0
Appointed members 3
Total 7,501 8

In the election the CCM lost a seat (St James') to the NRP.

Results by parish constituency[edit]

St Paul's
Party Candidate Votes %
CCM Spencer Brand 631 51.1%
NRP Jaedee Caines 604 48.9%
Total votes 1,235
St John's
Party Candidate Votes %
CCM Mark Brantley 1,313 52.6%
NRP Patricia Bartlette 1,166 46.7%
Moral Restoration Movement Samuel Caines 17 0.7%
Total votes 2,496
St George's
Party Candidate Votes %
CCM Eric Evelyn 736 70.3%
NRP Rohan Isles 311 29.7%
Total votes 1,047
St James'
Party Candidate Votes %
NRP Janice Daniel-Hodge 750 49.9%
CCM Alexis Jeffers 742 49.4%
Moral Restoration Movement Patricia Mills-Jeffers 11 0.7%
Total votes 1,503
St Thomas'
Party Candidate Votes %
NRP Cleone Stapleton Simmonds 712 58.4%
CCM Latoya Jones 508 41.6%
Total votes 1,220

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