Nevis Reformation Party

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Nevis Reformation Party
Leader Joseph Parry
Founded 1 August 1970
Ideology Nevis interest
Liberal conservatism
Cameronism[citation needed]
1 / 11

The Nevis Reformation Party is a Nevis-based political party in Saint Kitts and Nevis. Led by Joseph Parry, the party currently holds one of the eleven seats in the National Assembly. It is also the ruling party on Nevis, holding three of the five seats in the Nevis Island Assembly.


The party was established on 1 August 1970.[1] They first contested national elections in 1971 when they received 7.7% of the national votes and won a single seat.[2] In the 1975 elections the party's vote share rose to 16.2%, but they lost their single seat. After winning 16.0% of the vote in the 1980 elections they won two seats, and became part of the People's Action Movement-led coalition government. In 1984 their vote share fell to 10.1% but they increased their representation to three seats. They were reduced to two seats in 1989 and one seat in 1993. The party has since retained their single seat in elections in 1995, 2000, 2004 and 2010.

In 2006 they party won the Nevis Island Assembly elections, taking three of the five seats and ending the 14-year rule of the Concerned Citizens' Movement. In the 2011 elections they remained in power after winning three seats again.


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