New Addiction

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New Addiction
New addiction cover.jpg
EP by Liberty Lies
Released 4 June 2010
Genre Hard Rock
Length 17.41
Label Unsigned

New Addiction is the debut EP released by English hard rock band Liberty Lies. It was released on 4 June 2010 under no record label.[1] There was only a limited amount of hard copies made but the EP is still available on iTunes and Spotify. This EP did not feature the current members Matt Nickless and Adam Howell as it was recorded with the original line up.


'New Addiction' was a re-recorded version of a four track demo Liberty Lies created in 2008. Liberty Lies worked with the Magnum producer, Mark Stuart for the recording after they had gone on tour with them in 2010. The release was highly acclaimed by fans and critics alike and is currently available on iTunes, Tesco Online, Napster and Spotify.[2] Midlands Rocks said,

''The EP is littered with great sleaze and classic rock riffs and huge melodic choruses guaranteed to get audiences singing for weeks on end. ‘The Wire’ is a powerful and unrelenting opener; ‘Hero’ slows the pace down a little but still shifts the air with as much clout as the opener; ‘Crow Road’ is rammed with melody and might; and the beautifully melancholic ‘Day in the Sun’ closes the EP only moments before I find myself reaching for the play button, eager to hear it all again and finding it difficult to find a favourite. - Jason Guest.[3]

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Liberty Lies; all music composed by Liberty Lies.

No. Title Length
1. "The Wire" 4:13
2. "Hero" 3:58
3. "Crow Road" 4:40
4. "Day In The Sun" 4:50


  • Shaun richards - Lead Vocals
  • Josh Pritchett - Guitar
  • Adam Stevens - Drums, Backing Vocals
  • Dan Newman - Guitar
  • Matt Jones - Bass


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