New African Poets

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New African Poets (NAP)
OriginStrasbourg, France
GenresFrench Rap
Years active1988–

New African Poets (NAP) are a French hip hop group from Strasbourg. The members of the group are Mustapha, Bilal, Malik, Aïssa, Mohammed and Karim. Most of the group come from the Neuhof quartier of Strasbourg. They have been rapping together since 1988. Brothers Malik and Bilal produced the group's first album. Aïssa is their cousin.


  • Trop beau pour être vrai (1994)
  • La racaille sort un disque (1996)
  • La fin du monde (1998)
  • Le Boulevard des Rêves Brisés EP (1999)
  • Le ghetto pleure (2000)