New Age (KSI and Randolph album)

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New Age
Studio album by
KSI and Randolph
Released12 April 2019
  • The Citrus Clouds
  • KZift
  • P2J
  • Randolph
  • Zagor
  • Zeeshan
KSI chronology
New Age
Randolph chronology
Resurrected: the Mixtape
New Age
Singles from New Age
  1. "Slow Motion"
    Released: 20 April 2018
  2. "Beerus"
    Released: 14 December 2018
  3. "Red Alert"
    Released: 11 January 2019

New Age is a collaborative studio album by English YouTube personalities and rappers KSI and Randolph, released independently on 12 April 2019.[1][2] The album features guest appearances from Talia Mar, Jme and Quadeca. New Age was supported by three singles: "Slow Motion", "Beerus" and "Red Alert".


The album was announced along with a tour after the release of KSI's YouTube video entitled "Big Announcement Incoming!!!" back in February 2019.[3] Randolph had also stated during all of his videos that he has had a lack of uploads due to work on the album, as he considers himself more of a musician than a YouTuber. KSI had also released previews of two of the album's songs (Champagne and New Age) as the intro and outro tracks of his second channel videos to promote the album and the tour. In an interview about the album's title, KSI said that:

The album is called "New Age" because it's essentially a "New Age" of everything that we're doing. So it's a "New Age" of music, a "New Age" of entertainment. We as independent artists, are showing people that we are more than what people portray us and that's what this album encapsulates.[4]

After the release of the album, KSI tweeted that the whole album was copyright free, stating:

"If you wanna use our music in your YouTube videos or anything else then go ahead. We ain’t on that copyright bullshit or that claiming bullshit. We out here letting everybody eat good. This is a NEW AGE. We’re fully independent so we make the rules. Enjoy the album".[5]


KSI and Randolph held a private launch party in London several days before the album's release, for friends and family to exclusively hear the album before the public.[citation needed] On the night prior to the album's release, KSI and Randolph attended a party that fellow YouTubers Wroetoshaw, Calfreezy and Callux were hosting in their apartment. At the party, they played each song from the album a second time.[4] Within the first two days of its release, the album had amassed over 3 million Spotify streams.[6]


The album's lead single, "Slow Motion", was released on 20 April 2018. It was accompanied by a music video, which was uploaded to KSI's official YouTube channel. [7] The song was produced by Zeeshan, a frequent collaborator with both KSI and Randolph. A remastered version of the song was later released on the album.

The album's second single, "Beerus", was released on 14 December 2018, alongside a music video which has since garnered over 14 million views since its release.[8][9] The song was released amid a period of controversy, mainly due to KSI and his brother Deji, having a public altercation due to Deji's back and forth dispute with Randolph, which was sparked by Randolph referring to Deji's channel as "dead" in a Sidemen video. Days before the release of "Beerus", Deji had released a series of videos, as well as a disstrack entitled "Unforgivable" directed towards KSI. This caused fans of KSI and Randolph to perceive Beerus as a direct response to Deji's disstrack and videos upon its release.[10] However, this would not be the case, as KSI would later go on to clear the confusion surrounding the song, by stating it wasn't a disstrack directed towards his brother. The song was produced by Zeeshan.

The album's third single, "Red Alert", was released on 11 January 2019.[11] The music video for "Red Alert" was later released on 6 April 2019, and has received over 3 million views since its release.[12] The song was produced by Zeeshan.

Other songs[edit]

The music video for "Pull Up", featuring rapper Jme was released on 4 May 2019. The music video was directed by Konstantin.[13]

The music video for "Real Name", featuring singer Talia Mar was released on 18 June 2019. The music video was directed by RvbberDuck.[14]

Track listing[edit]

Credits adapted from Tidal and Twitter.[15][16]

All tracks performed by KSI and Randolph, except "Pull Up", performed by KSI and Jme, and "Roll the Dice", performed by Randolph and Quadeca.

1."New Age"
  • Olatunji
  • Shane
  • Olatunji
  • Shane
  • Olatunji
  • Shane
  • Zeeshan
  • KZift
5."Real Name" (featuring Talia Mar)
  • Olatunji
  • Shane
  • Natalia Haddock
The Citrus Clouds2:57
6."Slow Motion (Remastered)"
  • Olatunji
  • Shane
7."Red Alert"
  • Olatunji
  • Shane
8."Bow Down"
  • Olatunji
  • Shane
9."Pull Up" (featuring Jme)P2J3:04
10."Roll the Dice" (featuring Quadeca)
  • Shane
  • Benjamin Lasky
Total length:32:10


Chart (2019) Peak
Dutch Albums (Album Top 100)[17] 75
Irish Albums (IRMA)[18] 29
Norwegian Albums (VG-lista)[19] 26
Scottish Albums (OCC)[20] 4
UK Albums (OCC)[21] 17
UK R&B Albums (OCC)[22] 1


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