New Aliyah Party

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New Aliyah Party
עלייה חדשה
Founded 1942
Dissolved 1948
Merged into Progressive Party
Newspaper Amudim
Ideology Liberalism

The New Aliyah Party (Hebrew: עלייה חדשה‎‎, Aliyah Hadasha lit. New Immigration) was a political party in Mandate Palestine and Israel.

The party was established in 1942 by immigrants from Austria and Germany who had arrived in Palestine during the Fifth Aliyah. In the fourth Assembly of Representatives formed in 1944, the party had 18 seats (from a total of 171), making it the third largest party after Mapai and the Left Front. The party's magazine was named Amudim (lit. Pages).[1]

In May 1948 party leader Pinchas Rosen became a member of the provisionial government. At the end of 1948 it merged with several other liberal parties, including the political arm of HaOved HaTzioni, to form the Progressive Party.


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