New Alliance Records

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New Alliance Records
Parent companySST Records
FounderD. Boon
Mike Watt
Martin Tamburovich
Distributor(s)Enigma Records, SST Records
Country of originUnited States
LocationLawndale, California

New Alliance Records was an independent record label founded by American musicians D. Boon and Mike Watt (of The Minutemen) and longtime friend and associate Martin Tamburovich. They were inspired by the example of their friends in southern California band Black Flag who had earlier formed SST Records.[1] The existence of SST led Watt to understand, according to a 1987 interview he gave to Musician magazine, how easy it was to get a record made: "All you had to do was pay the record plant man."

The label's first release was the 1980 various-artist compilation Cracks in the Sidewalk, which included tracks by the Minutemen, Black Flag, and Saccharine Trust.[2] Other early releases on New Alliance included Hüsker Dü's first album Land Speed Record[3][4] and the Minutemen's second-ever release, the seven-inch EP Joy. Eventually the label grew to nurture the early career of the Descendents,[1] issue additional compilation albums (Chunks and Mighty Feeble), and release other recordings by the Minutemen (The Politics of Time), Secret Hate (Vegetables Dancing), and Hüsker Dü (the In a Free Land EP). The label also showcased a number of post-punk bands from the South Bay area of southern California, notably Slovenly, Phantom Opera, and Invisiblechains.

After D. Boon's car-accident death in 1985 and the increasingly busier schedule of Watt's post-Minutemen band Firehose, Watt and Tamburovich sold New Alliance to SST in 1987. Greg Ginn, SST's owner and Black Flag's guitarist, proceeded to transfer all of the Minutemen and Descendents back catalog and Hüsker Dü's Land Speed Record to SST and turned New Alliance into a subsidiary label of SST that concentrated on more adventurous and non-mainstream records, including jazz, instrumental, poetry, and spoken-word releases. New Alliance also released the debut single of Ciccone Youth and material from The Coachmen, both of which were Sonic Youth-related projects.

New Alliance ceased its operations in 1998 in order to save money. Its back-catalog has been deleted, its releases are no longer available through SST Records, and there is no mention of the label or its artists on SST's website.

Label co-founder Tamburovich died of a bacterial infection in 2003.[citation needed]

Rapp Records founder Rad Ramsey & Martin Tamburovich reactivated New Alliance in 2000 as a Rapp Records sublabel. It also brought back its back-catalog.[citation needed] This time it was specialized for Rap, Rock & Reissuing its old material. However, in 2006, SST filed a case against Rapp & forced Ramsey to close down New Alliance.[citation needed]


Catalogue number Year Artist Title
NAR 001 1980 Various Cracks in the Sidewalk
NAR 002 1981 Slivers Restraint for Style
NAR 003 1981 Various Chunks
NAR 004 1981 Minutemen Joy
NAR 005 1981 Descendents Fat
NAR 006 1981 The Salvation Army Mind Gardens
NAR 007 1982 Hüsker Dü Land Speed Record
NAR 008 1982 Various Feeble Efforts
NAR 009 Unreleased Peer Group Rhetoric and Hands
NAR 010 1982 Hüsker Dü In a Free Land
NAR 011 1982 Plebs A Collection of Question Marks
NAR 012 1982 Descendents Milo Goes to College
NAR 013 1983 Various Mighty Feeble
NAR 014 1983 Tragicomedy Homage to Nada
NAR 015 1984 Blood on the Saddle Blood on the Saddle
NAR 016 1983 Secret Hate Vegetables Dancing
NAR 017 1984 Minutemen The Politics of Time
NAR 018 1984 Nip Drivers Destroy Whitey
NAR 019 1984 Slovenly Even So
NAR 020 1984 Slovenly After the Original Style
NAR 021 1985 Invisible Chains Invisible Chains
NAR 022 1986 Phantom Opera Phantom Opera
NAR 023 1986 Steve Stain The Brain Feels No Pain
NAR 024 1986 Michael C. Ford Language Commando
NAR 025 1985 Descendents Bonus Fat
NAR 026 1985 Descendents I Don't Want to Grow Up
NAR 027 1986 Slovenly Peter
NAR 028 1986 What Makes Donna Twirl? Amber Skin
NAR 029 1986 Descendents Enjoy!
NAR 030 1986 Ciccone Youth The Whitey Album
NAR 031 1988 Michelle T. Clinton & Wanda Coleman Black Angeles
NAR 032 1986 Dos Dos
NAR 033 1986 Crimony Reverence
NAR 034 1988 Phantom Opera Lives of Violence
NAR 035 1988 The Coachmen Failure to Thrive
NAR 036 1988 Rudolph Grey Transfixed
NAR 037 1988 Yanomamos Quizas
NAR 038 1988 Crimony The Crimony EP
NAR 039 1990 Jack Brewer Band Rockin' Ethereal
NAR 040 1988 Martin Bisi Creole Mass
NAR 041 1990 GobbleHoof GobbleHoof
NAR 042 1989 Office Ladies Brains in Bed Brains and Boots No Boots in Bed
NAR 043 1989 No Man / No Man's Band Damage the Enemy
NAR 044 1989 Dos Numero Dos
NAR 045 1989 Various Taste Test #1
NAR 046 1989 Bootstrappers Bootstrappers
NAR 047 1989 The Death Folk Deathfolk
NAR 048 1990 Wanda Coleman High Priestess of Word
NAR 049 1991 Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy
NAR 050 1991 Rudolph Grey Mask of Light
NAR 051 1990 Roger Miller Presents: Xylyl and a Woman in Half
NAR 052 1990 The Purple Outside Mystery Lane
NAR 053 1993 Various Eternal Voices (Traditional Vietnamese Music in the United States)
NAR 054 1991 Various JazzSpeak: a Word Collection
NAR 055 1991 Sproton Layer With Magnetic Fields Disrupted
NAR 056 1991 Blackmadrid Atlantic Crossing: the People's Journey
NAR 057 1993 Roger Miller, Ben Miller, Larry Miller M-3
NAR 058 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 059 1991 Wanda Coleman, Marv Evans Berserk on Hollywood Blvd.
NAR 060 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 061 1991 Dos Uno con Dos
NAR 062 1991 Marisela Norte Norte/word
NAR 063 1991 Jack Brewer Band Harsh World
NAR 064 1992 Scott Richardson Tornado Souvenirs
NAR 065 1991 Danny Weizmann The Wet Dog Shakes
NAR 066 1993 Michelle T. Clinton Blood as a Bright Color
NAR 067 1992 Various DisClosure: Voices of Women
NAR 068 1993 Louie Lista To Sleep with the Lights On (Blues Theater)
NAR 069 1992 Various Innings & Quarters
NAR 070 1993 Joel Lipman Down Your Street
NAR 071 1993 Linda J. Albertano Skin
NAR 072 1993 Harry E. Northup Personal Crime
NAR 073 1996 John Sinclair Thelonious: a Book of Monk Volume 1
NAR 074 1993 Tommy Swerdlow Prisoner of the Gifted Sleep
NAR 075 1993 Martin Bisi All Will Be Won
NAR 076 1992 The Death Folk Deathfolk II
NAR 077 1992 The Blue Humans featuring Rudolph Grey Clear to Higher Time
NAR 078 1995 Jack Brewer Rhythm or Suicide (Poems and Writings)
NAR 079 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 080 1992 GobbleHoof FreezerBurn
NAR 081 1995 Deborah Patino Nocturnal
NAR 082 1994 Michael C. Ford Fire Escapes
NAR 083 1993 Holly Prado Word Rituals
NAR 084 1994 Various Internal Journal
NAR 085 1993 Bill Mohr Vehemence
NAR 086 1993 Pleasant Gehman Ruined
NAR 087 1992 Steve Abee Jerusalem Donuts
NAR 088 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 089 1994 Luis Campos Poetry!
NAR 090 1993 Paul Body Love Is Like Rasputin
NAR 091 1994 Miles Ciletti Long Days and Monster Nights
NAR 092 1994 Mick Vranich & Wordban'd Cloak of Skin
NAR 093 1994 Lynn Manning Clarity of Vision
NAR 094 1994 Chuck Dukowski, Paul Cutler, Bill Stinson United Gang Members
NAR 095 1993 Luis Alfaro Down Town
NAR 096 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 097 1994 Roger Miller Oh
NAR 098 1993 Mick Vranich Idols of Fear
NAR 099 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 100 1997 Danny Weizmann Hollywoodland
NAR 101 1995 Louie Lista, David Crittendon Walkin' & Talkin'
NAR 102 1994 Michael Lally What You Find There
NAR 103 1993 Eloise Klein Healy Artemis in Echo Park / The Women's Studies Chronicles
NAR 104 1993 The Blue Humans featuring Rudolph Grey To Higher Time
NAR 105 1993 Overpass Overpass
NAR 106 1994 Jack Brewer and Bazooka Saved from Death in the Dream World
NAR 107 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 108 1995 Iris Berry Life on the Edge in Stilettos
NAR 109 1995 Quincy Troupe Root Doctor
NAR 110 1994 Dingle Red Dog
NAR 111 1994 Elisabeth Belile Your Only Other Option Is Surgery
NAR 112 1994 Henry J. Morro Somoza's Teeth
NAR 113 1994 Willie Sims Story Yeller
NAR 114 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 115 1994 Various Internal Journal, Vol. II
NAR 116 1994 Lisa Freeman Rough Roads
NAR 117 1994 Dr. Noah Young Freaks: No Fear of Contagion
NAR 118 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 119 1996 Kathi Martin Rocky Road
NAR 120 1995 Harry E. Northup Homes
NAR 121 Unreleased Unknown Unknown
NAR 122 1995 Julie Ritter Medicine Show
NAR 123 1995 Martin Bisi y las Cochinas See Ya in Tia Juana
NAR 124 1996 Martin Bisi y las Cochinas Dear Papi, I'm in Jail
NAR 125 1997 Jack Brewer and Bazooka Elysian Intervals
NAR 126 1997 The Reluctant Toby The Ultimate Hobby

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