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The New American High Schools initiative, started in 1996 under the direction of the United States Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, is a national recognition program for United States secondary schools.


In 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2000, a varying number of high schools were selected and honored with the title of "New American High School showcase site" at the White House; they are intended to serve as models for schools that have achieved high levels of success. In addition to receiving national recognition, each winning school receives a stipend and technical assistance from the United States Department of Education.

No new awards have been given since 2000.

List of showcase sites[edit]

The following is an exhaustive list of sites that have been awarded the New American High School designation:

1996 (10 sites)[edit]

1998 (7 sites)[edit]

1999 (13 sites)[edit]

2000 (27 sites)[edit]

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