New Asia College

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New Asia College
Motto 誠明 (Chinese)
Motto in English
Sincerity and intelligence
Type Public
Established 1949
Dean Siumi Maria Tam
Location Hong Kong
Affiliations The Chinese University of Hong Kong
New Asia College
Traditional Chinese 新亞書院

New Asia College (Chinese: 新亞書院) is a constituent college of the Chinese University of Hong Kong located in Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong.

New Asia College Campus in Ma Liu Shui


New Asia College was founded in 1949 by Chinese scholars Ch'ien Mu (Qian Mu), Tang Junyi (Tang Chun-i), and Zhang Pijie (Tchang Pi-kai), in Hong Kong, then a British dependency, after the Communist victory in mainland China.[1]

In 1963, the College joined forces with United College and Chung Chi College to form the Chinese University of Hong Kong under a charter granted by the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. The College has since then become a research and educational hub for Confucian philosophy and Chinese studies.[1]

Presidents & Heads[edit]

Presidents & Heads of New Asia College: [2]

Presidents (1949-1977)[edit]

1. Prof. Ch'ien Mu (1949-1965)
2. Prof. Ou Tsuin-chen (1965-1969)
3. Prof. Y.T. Shen (1969-1970)
4. Prof. Y.P. Mei (1970-1973)
5. Prof. Yu Ying-shih (1973-1975)
6. Prof. Chuan Han-sheng (1975-1977)

College Heads (1977-Present)[edit]

7. Prof. Ambrose Y.C. King (1977-1985)
8. Prof. Lin Tzong-biau (1985-1992)
9. Prof. Leung Ping-chung (1992-2002)
10. Prof. Henry N.C. Wong (2002-2010)
11. Prof. Shun Kwong-loi (2010-2013)
12. Prof. Henry N.C. Wong (2013-Present)

Notable Alumni[edit]


Coordinates: 22°25′15″N 114°12′33″E / 22.4208°N 114.2091°E / 22.4208; 114.2091