New Athos Cave

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New Athos Cave
ახალი ათონის მღვიმე, Афон Ҿыцтәи аҳаҧы, Новоафонская Пещера
Novyi afon peshera.JPG
The New Athon Cave, 2006
Map showing the location of New Athos Cave
Map showing the location of New Athos Cave
Location of the caves in Abkhazia
LocationNew Athos
Coordinates43°05′26.34″N 40°48′36.03″E / 43.0906500°N 40.8100083°E / 43.0906500; 40.8100083Coordinates: 43°05′26.34″N 40°48′36.03″E / 43.0906500°N 40.8100083°E / 43.0906500; 40.8100083
Depth183 m
Length1,900 m
GeologyKarst cave
Show cave opened1961
Show cave length1,900 m
WebsiteOfficial website
View of the cave

The New Athos Cave (Abkhazian: Афон Ҿыцтәи аҳаҧы; Georgian: ახალი ათონის მღვიმე; Russian: Новоафонская Пещера) also Novoafonskaya, Novy Afon Cave, or New Afon Cave is a karst cave in the Iverian Mountain in Abkhazia (Georgia[1]) near New Athos. It is one of the largest caves in the world with the volume of its void of about 1,000,000 m³.


The abyss on a slope of the Iverian Mountain was known for ages, referred to as the "Bottomless Pit". It was explored in 1961 by an expedition of four: Zurab Tintilozov,[2] Arsen Okrojanashvili,[3] Boris Gergedava,[4] and Givi Smyr.[5]

Since 1975, it has been a major tourist attraction, featuring its own underground railway.[6] The cave consists of 9 major cavities.


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