New Athos Cave Railway

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New Athos Cave Railway
New Athos subway train, built in Moscow.
Type Metro

New Athos

Termini Entrance gate
Hall Anakopea
Stations 3[1]
Opened 4 July 1975
Owner New Athos Cave
Rolling stock 3 trains
Line length 1.291 km (0.802 mi)[1]
Number of tracks Single track
Track gauge 914 mm (3 ft)[1]
Electrification 300 V DC[1]
Operating speed 30 km/h (19 mph)[1]
Cave Railway and the two national railway stations within the town: New Athos and Psyrtscha
New Athos Cave Rilway (OpenStreetMap).png

New Athos Cave Railway (Abkhaz: Афон Ҿыц аҳаҧытә метро; Russian: Новоафонская пещерная железная дорога), also knowns as New Athos Subway, is an underground electric railroad serving the New Athos Cave, in the town of New Athos, Georgia (Abkhazia).


Opened in 1975, it has a length of 1.3 kilometres (0.81 mi) and three stations,two of the trains are Soviet built tourist trains and the third is a newly built Latvian Ep 563. Since 2014 this has been only train in use. One of the tourist trains was modernized in 2005 in Moscow and based at Zal Apsny station for doubling the Ep 563 train in case of malfunction. Another tourist train is based at the depot.


The line is a single track and electrified narrow gauge railway. It starts at the entrance of the caves, nearby Psyrtscha station of the Abkhazian railway. From the Entrance Gate station, it reaches two cave halls: Apsny Hall (or Abkhazia) and Anakopea Hall. Apsny station serves to lead the tourists at the beginnings of the show cave, and Anakopea to bring them back to the entrance gate, at the end of the tour. The line counts a depot just before Entrance station, and a service tunnel between it and Apsny.[1]

Station Russian name km Notes
Entrance Gate Входные Ворота
(Vkhodnye Vorota)
Traintransportation.svg Link to Abkhazian railway at the nearby station of Psyrtscha
43°05′26″N 40°48′36″E / 43.09065°N 40.810008°E / 43.09065; 40.810008
Hall Apsny (Abkhazia) Зал Апсны
(Zal Apsny)
43°05′59″N 40°48′40″E / 43.09959°N 40.81114°E / 43.09959; 40.81114
Hall Anakopea Зал Анакопия
(Zal Anakopiya)
43°06′07″N 40°48′41″E / 43.10184°N 40.81129°E / 43.10184; 40.81129


Ep train at Entrance station 
Ep train at Anakopea station 
Ep train interior, 2006 
Ep-563 train at Anakopea station 
Ep-563 train interior, 2014 
Ep train arriving at Anakopea station 

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