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Green Party of New Brunswick
Parti vert du Nouveau-Brunswick
Active provincial party
Leader David Coon
President Wayne Dryer
Founded 2008 (2008)
Headquarters 403 Regent Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick
E3B 3X6
Ideology Green politics
Political position Centre-left to Left[1]
Colours Green
Seats in Legislature
3 / 49

The Green Party of New Brunswick (French: Parti vert du Nouveau-Brunswick) was formed in November 2008 to run in provincial elections. It is a registered Green political party in New Brunswick, Canada.[2][3] A founding convention was held on November 15, 2008, in Moncton where the membership adopted a constitution, and a charter of principles to guide the development of policies and platforms. A 12-member Executive Committee was elected.

On September 19, 2009, Jack MacDougall was acclaimed as the first nominated leader of the party. A community and political organizer, MacDougall is best known for his successful campaign to raise the money to purchase and renovate Saint John's Imperial Theatre. He is a licensed teacher in New Brunswick and stepped down as leader in September 2011. Greta Doucet served as interim leader until the leadership convention in the fall of 2012. David Coon succeeded Doucet as leader.[4]


Leader Term of office Notes
Mike Milligan 2008 2009 Interim
Erik Millett 2009 2009 Interim
Jack MacDougall 2009 2011
Greta Doucet 2011 2012 Interim
David Coon 2012 Present

Electoral record[edit]

Election Leader Votes % Seats +/– Position Government
2010 Jack MacDougall 16,943 4.6
0 / 55
Steady 0 Increase 4th Extra-parliamentary
2014 David Coon 24,582 6.6
1 / 49
Increase 1 Increase 3rd No status
2018 David Coon 45,186 11.9
3 / 49
Increase 2 Decrease 4th No status

2012 leadership election[edit]

On September 22, 2012, a leadership election was held to replace Jack MacDougall. David Coon was chosen after only one ballot.[5]

Candidate Votes Percentage
David Coon 131 63%
Roy MacMulin 77 37%
TOTAL 208 '

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