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Route 7 shield

Route 7
Vanier Highway, Broad Road, Martinon Bypass
Route information
Maintained by New Brunswick Department of Transportation
Length: 96.8 km[1] (60.1 mi)
Existed: 1965 – present
Major junctions
North end: NB 8.png Route 8 in Fredericton
  Route 2 (TCH) in Oromocto
NB 101.png Route 101 in Welsford
NB 102.png Route 102 in Westfield
South end: NB 1.png Route 1 in Saint John
Major cities: Oromocto, CFB Gagetown, Grand Bay-Westfield
Highway system

Provincial highways in New Brunswick
Former routes

Route 4 Route 8

Route 7 is 97 kilometres long and runs from Fredericton, near an interchange with Route 8, to an interchange with Route 1 in Saint John. Most of the highway is either a divided expressway or has limited access.

Designated the Vanier Highway between Fredericton and an interchange with Route 2 (the Trans-Canada Highway) in Lincoln, Route 7 runs concurrently with Route 2 to Oromocto. From Oromocto, it turns south and passes through CFB Gagetown.


The main road from Fredericton to Saint John was first numbered Route 7 in 1965. The original routing followed present-day Route 102 from Fredericton to Oromocto, and the "Broad Road" (formerly Route 2A) from Oromocto to Welsford. The Vanier Highway, originally Route 12 when it was partially opened in Fredericton, was redesignated as part of Route 7 when it was fully completed to Oromocto in 1976, and a section of the Broad Road through Geary was bypassed in the early 1980s. The towns of Grand Bay and Westfield were bypassed in 1986, with the former alignment of Route 7 renamed Route 177.

In 1991, Route 7 was extended south from its original southern end at Ocean West Way (Route 100) on Saint John's west side to Route 1.

Starting in 2007 planning commenced to construct animal fencing along a large section of Route 7. Construction began in the Fall of 2007 and continuing during the Summer of 2008. Animal crossings were also constructed in various places. Because the majority of Route 7 runs through CFB Gagetown Environmental Assessments and Approval had to be obtained from the Department of National Defence.

In October 2013, the Welsford Bypass opened and the uncontrolled section of Route 7 was renamed Eagle Rock Road. This new section by-passes the village of Welsford.[2]

Exit list[edit]

Location km # Destinations Notes
Fredericton 0 Route 8
Route 101
1 1 Liverpool St. Northbound entrance/exit only
2 2 Kimble Dr.
4 4 Doak Rd. Southbound exit only, no entrance
5 5 Wilsey Rd., Alison Blvd. to Route 102
Lincoln 8 294 Route 2 (TCH) – Edmundston northbound exit and southbound entrance
11 297 Nevers Road - Rusagonis-Waasis, Lincoln
Oromocto 15 301 To Route 102 – Fredericton Airport southbound exit and northbound entrance
17 303 To Route 102 – Oromocto, CFB Gagetown, Geary, Fredericton Airport
20 306 Route 2 (TCH) – Moncton northbound entrance only
Geary 29 29 Geary, Fredericton Junction at-grade
CFB Gagetown 51 51 Enniskillen Rd., Camp Petersville
Welsford 63 63 Route 101
Westfield 71 71 Route 177
80 80 Route 102 to Route 177 – Grand Bay-Westfield, Gagetown
86 86 Colonel Nase Boulevard to Route 177 – Grand Bay-Westfield
Saint John 90 90 Route 177 – Grand Bay-Westfield
96 96 Route 100 Ocean West Way
97 97 Route 1 – Lorneville, St. Stephen, Sussex
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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