New Brunswick general election, 1920

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Rendition of party representation in the 35th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly decided by this election.
  Liberals (24)
  Conservatives (13)
  United Farmers (9)
  Labour (2)

The 15th New Brunswick general election was held on 9 October 1920, to elect 48 members to the 35th New Brunswick Legislative Assembly, the governing house of the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Although political parties had no standing in law, twenty-four MLA declared themselves to be Liberals, thirteen declared themselves to be Conservatives, nine declared themselves to members of the United Farmers, and two declared themselves Farmer-Labour.[1]

The election resulted in the first minority government in New Brunswick since the advent of responsible government in the 1840s.

New Brunswick general election, 1920
Party Leader Seats
Government (Liberal) Walter Edward Foster 24
Opposition (Conservative) John Babington Macaulay Baxter 13
Opposition (United Farmers) 9
Opposition (Farmer-Labour) 2


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