New Caledonian Nouméa Accord referendum, 1998

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A referendum on the Nouméa Accord was held in New Caledonia on 8 November 1998.[1] It was approved by 71.85% of voters.[1] The proportion of voters in favour was highest in the Loyalty Islands (where turnout was lowest) and lowest in the South Province (where turnout was highest).[1]


After the failed independence referendum in 1987 and the subsequent Ouvéa cave hostage taking in April and May 1988, the Matignon Agreements signed in June 1988 (and approved in a France-wide referendum) provided for another referendum in the territory in 1998.[1] The Nouméa Accord was subsequently agreed on 5 May 1998, and provided for a gradual transfer of powers to the New Caledonian authorities.[1]


Do you approve the Accord on New Caledonia signed in Nouméa on 5 May 1998?[1]

Choice Votes %
For 55,400 71.85
Against 21,697 28.15
Invalid/blank votes 2,105
Total 79,202 100
Registered voters/turnout 106,698 74.23
Source: Direct Democracy