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The New Citizen Party was a political party in New Zealand that aimed to represent Chinese New Zealanders and had a focus on economic and law-and-order issues.[1] Auckland businessman Paul Young, former New Zealand Labour Party list-candidate Stephen Ching, and Chinese businessman Jack Chen were organisers for the party.[1]

Party history[edit]

On 2 December 2010 the Electoral Commission registered the party, making it eligible to contest the party vote in general elections.[2]

Paul Young came third in the Botany by-election, 2011, based on provisional figures.[3]

On 18 October 2011 the party announced that it would withdraw from the 2011 election, and that Young would instead stand for the Conservative Party of New Zealand.[4] At about the same time, authorities in Hong Kong laid charges against Jack Chen and issued a warrant for his arrest.[5]

On 29 February 2012 the Electoral Commission cancelled the party's registration at its own request.[6] As of March 2012 the Party website no longer operated.

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