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Longman New Concept English by L. G. Alexander is a popular English language textbook teaching British rules of English. The course was first published on October 30, 1967. A later (1993) revised edition is also available.

The course consists of four components:

  • The Students' Book
  • The Teacher's Book
  • A set of cassettes, on which the multi-purpose texts have been recorded.
  • Another set of cassettes, on which Repetition drill in the Teacher's Book has been recorded.

Book 1: First Things First(初级英语)[edit]

Introductory title with 144 lessons,72 for normal lessons and 72 for exercises.(词汇870左右,内容主要为口语)

Book 2: Practice & Progress[edit]

This book includes 96 lessons

Book 3: Developing Skills[edit]

At this level, there is less need for pattern control and contextualization. Now that the foundations have been laid, the student is in a position to cope with new sentence patterns as and when they occur. This book includes 60 lessons.

Book 4: Fluency in English[edit]

The materials were chosen from a variety of publications. Nine of the lessons were selected from The Listener. This volume book 48 lessons.

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