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New Deal for Communities is a regeneration programme led by the government of the United Kingdom for some of the England's most deprived neighbourhoods. The programme was established by Tony Blair's Labour Government and is overseen by the Neighbourhood Renewal Unit within the Department for Communities and Local Government.[1]

Local NDC Partnerships[edit]

Local NDC partnerships were established for each regeneration area to ensure that change is community led. Initially in 1998, 17 local partnerships were announced, later increased in 1999 with the establishment of a second round of 22 partnerships, increasing the total number to 39.

Round 1 local partnerships[edit]

In 1998 local partnerships were agreed for the following local authority areas:

These partnerships stopped receiving funding in 2010.

Round 2 local partnerships[edit]

In 1999 further local partnerships were established within the following local authority areas:

These partnerships stopped receiving funding in 2011.


  • The Newcastle New Deal for Communities is working to change the face of Newcastle upon Tyne's West End over a ten-year period. Since it began in 2000, the programme has aimed to tackle deprivation in the areas of Arthur's Hill, Cruddas Park, Rye Hill and Elswick, through community-led regeneration. More than 100 projects are aiming to bridge the gap between those communities in the West End and those in wealthier parts of the city. The programme tackles five key themes: poor job prospects; high levels of crime; educational under-achievement; poor health; and problems with housing and the environment. New Deal's commitment to put residents in charge of the area's regeneration is reflected in the organization's structure - the Board of Directors includes a majority of twelve elected residents. As of September 2006, recorded crime in the New Deal catchment area had fallen by 21 per cent thanks to a £3.4m package of crime-busting measures.

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