New Democracy Electoral Union

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New Democracy Electoral Union
Nova Democracia União Eleitoral
Chairman Quintino de Moreira
Founded November 2006 (registered 2008)
Ideology Big tent
Left-wing politics
Party flag

New Democracy Electoral Union (Portuguese: Nova Democracia União Eleitoral) is a political coalition in Angola, founded November 18, 2006.[1] The coalition was registered by the Supreme Court in June 2008, ahead of the September 2008 legislative election. Most of the constituents of the coalition had previously been affiliated to another coalition, Partidos da Opocição Civil. Quintino de Moreira is the president of the coalition. He is also the president of the MPDA.[2]

Members of New Democracy Electoral Union:

The coalition received 1.20% of the vote in the 2008 election, winning two out of 220 seats.[3]