New Democratic Party candidates, 1980 Canadian federal election

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The New Democratic Party ran a full slate of candidates in the 1980 Canadian federal election, and won 32 seats to remain the third-largest party in the Canadian House of Commons. Information about the party's candidates may be found here.


Don Gray (Hamilton East)[edit]

Gray was a steelworker and an alderman in Hamilton, representing the city's fourth ward. He held several positions on city council, including chair of the Finance Committee,[1] chair of the Hamilton Harbour Committee,[2] chair the management committee responsible for the construction of Copps Coliseum, and chair of a committee that drafted a 1981 freedom-of-information by-law.[3] Gray was an early opponent of highway construction in the Red Hill Valley, and voted against the measure in September 1979.[4] He lost his council seat in the 1985 municipal election.

Federal electoral record
Election Division Party Votes  % Place Winner
1974 federal Hamilton Mountain New Democratic Party 10,304 3/5 Gus MacFarlane, Progressive Conservative
1979 federal Hamilton East New Democratic Party 11,783 2/5 John Munro, Liberal
1980 federal Hamilton East New Democratic Party 12,627 2/6 John Munro, Liberal


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