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The comic book stories published by Marvel Comics since the 1940s have featured several fictional teams and organizations and this page lists them.






A.I. Army[edit]

Because of his revelation that he is now a simulated A.I., Tony Stark became Mark One and started to establish the A.I. Army which also consists of Albert, Awesome Android, H.E.R.B.I.E., M-11, Machine Man, Machinesmith, Quasimodo, the Dreadnoughts, a Sentinel, several Constructo-Bots, several Nick Fury LMDs, and an unnamed bomb disposal robot. This group wants to obtain equal rights with organic beings through whatever way possible.[1]


Action Pack[edit]

Action Pack is Kentucky's sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Avengers: The Initiative. Its known members are Vox, Prima Donna, and Frog-Man (who was briefly replaced by a Skrull).[2]

Advanced Idea Mechanics[edit]

Advocates Squad[edit]

Agents of Atlas[edit]

Agents of Fortune[edit]


Aladdin Assault Squad[edit]

All-New Invaders[edit]

All-New X-Factor[edit]

All-New X-Men[edit]

All-Winners Squad[edit]

Alliance of Evil[edit]

Alpha Flight[edit]

Alpha Flight is Canada's sanctioned superhero team.

Alpha Squadron[edit]

America Redeemers[edit]

See Squadron Supreme.


The Keane Industry obtained the equipment of Americop where they copied it and used it to create their own private security force called the Americops.[3][4]


The Anachronauts are a group of fictional warriors appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The characters serve Kang the Conqueror as his personal guard. The Anachronauts were brought together by Kang, after having bested each of them in personal combat and extracting their allegiance to him. They are from various eras and alternate realities that Kang has visited in his journeys. They first appeared in Fantastic Four Annual #25 (1992). Its members are Apocryphus, Deathunt 9000, Raa, Sir Raston, Ssith, Tyndar, and Wildrun




See S.H.I.E.L.D.#A.R.M.O.R.

Army of Evil[edit]


See Asgard.

Asgardians of the Galaxy[edit]


See Rachel Summers#Askani

Assassin's Guild[edit]

Assembly of Evil[edit]

The Assembly of Evil is a supervillain team consisting of Jester, Fenris, Hydro-Man, Rock (who the Leader sent in his place), and the reactivated Hulk Robot. This team was first seen during the "Acts of Vengeance" storyline, where Jester formed this team at Doctor Doom's suggestion to create a group to fight the Avengers. Jester also tried to get Cloak and Dagger to join the team, but failed to.[5]

Astonishing X-Men[edit]




Avengers A.I.[edit]

Avenging Host[edit]



The Bacchae are a fictional group of woman warrior characters appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. In ancient times Hippolyta and her sisters set about war mongering various lands. In each attack she would steal female children, raising them to be her faithful warriors. This gave rise to the origin of the mythological Amazons. Hippolyta served as their queen and she called them her Bacchae. This arrangement served for many years until the arrival of Hercules. Sometime later with her being immortal, Hippolyta decided to restart her Bacchae cult in order to advance her standing in modern day. She did this by initiating female street people and runaways, providing them with weapons and fighting skills. This modern day Bacchae also became former associates of the Golden Horde and once sought vengeance on the Invisible Woman for interfering with their affairs. They then formed a private New York club called Tartarus as a front based in the heart of Wall Street. Outsiders see it as a private pleasure palace for those of the international business elite who consider the Hellfire Club too passe. It was here during a kidnap attempt that they were foiled by the X-Men.[6]

BAD Girls, Inc.[edit]

BAD Girls, Inc. is a group that consists of Black Mamba, the Asp, and Diamondback who were close friends as well as founding members of Sidewinder's super-villain team the Serpent Society. When Diamondback began dating Steve Rogers, the team acted behind the scenes to make sure that her first real date was uneventful. After learning of Diamondback and Cap's relationship, the Society's new leader, King Cobra, had Diamondback kidnapped and placed on trial,[7] fearing that she would reveal the groups secrets to the Captain. Diamondback was found guilty by her fellow serpents and sentenced to execution. Black Mamba and Asp objected but were overruled by King Cobra. To save Diamondback, Black Mamba and Asp called in a favor from their former leader, Sidewinder, also Black Mamba's ex-boyfriend and they rescued Diamondback, however in retaliation, King Cobra captured the Asp and Black Mamba. Diamondback then hired Paladin to help her free the pair. Together, with Captain America, and Paladin, the five combined to defeat the Serpent Society.[8]

Band of the Bland[edit]

The Band of the Bland is a group of mediocre super villains that came together to assassinate Howard the Duck. It consists of Black Hole, Doctor Angst, Spanker, and Tillie the Hun.


The Battalion is Arkansas' sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Initiative. Tigra is a known member of this group. Razorback was revealed to be a Skrull in disguise.[9]

Batroc's Brigade[edit]

Batroc's Brigade is a supervillain team assembled by Batroc the Leaper.

Beta Flight[edit]

Beyond Corporation[edit]


Big Hero 6[edit]

Japan's sanctioned superhero team.

Black Air[edit]

Black Panthers[edit]

Black Brigade unit[edit]

Black Spectre[edit]



The Bogatyri is a group of Russian superhumans that wanted to avenge Russia's defeat during the Cold War. They were named after the Valiant Champions of Elder Days in Russian folklore and consist of Svyatogor, Mikula Golubev, Doctor Vladimir Volkh, and Zvezda Dennista.[10]

Bozanian Beast Fighter (Ragnarok)[edit]

Brotherhood of Badoon[edit]

See Badoon

Brotherhood of Mutants[edit]

Brute Force[edit]

Brute Force is a team consisted of eco-sensitive animals who were imbued with the ability to speak and powered armor that gave them special powers by their benefactor Dr. Randall Pierce as part of Weapon II. They consist of a bald eagle named Soar who can transform in a fighter jet, a grizzly bear named Wreckles who can transform into a tank, a lion named Lionheart who can transform into a motorcycle, a kangaroo named Hip-Hop who can transform into an ATV, and a dolphin named Surfstreak who can transform into a race car. Together they fought injustices that were mostly eco-terrorist related such as protecting the rain forests.


The Buckies are a group of urban commandos.



Cadre K[edit]


The Called is Utah's sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Initiative. It consists of some unnamed Mormon superheroes.[11]

Captain Britain Corps[edit]

Carnage Family[edit]

Cat People[edit]

The Cat People are a race of humanoid felines that are associated with Tigra. The first Cat People were created from ordinary house cats by a medieval sorcerer named Ebrok. Though the Cat People were initially welcomed into Ebrok's community as warriors and domestic servants, their fierce nature as well as their rapid breeding rate soon started to become uncontrollable, and the Cat People were banished to another dimension by Ebrok's fellow sorcerers. The sorcerers also installed a magick ensuring that Ebrok's original cats-into-cat-people spell would never work again.[12]


The Cavalry is Georgia's sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Initiative. Known members are Stunt-Master, Crime-Buster, Red Nine, Thor Girl (revealed to be a Skrull imposter), and Ultra Girl.[13]


Cerebro's X-Men[edit]


There are two versions of the Champions:

Champions (1975 team)[edit]

{{main|Champions (1975 team)}

Champions (2016 team)[edit]

Champions of Xandar[edit]

The Champions of Xandar banded together to safeguard the four-sectioned world of Xandar in the Andromeda Galaxy from all threats to its security. The Champions coordinated Xandar's space militia, the Nova Corps, a standing army of 500 soldiers, and its special Syfon Warrior regiment. Most of the Champions were killed fighting the forces of Nebula and the team disbanded.




Children of the Vault[edit]

China Force[edit]

Church of Humanity[edit]


Circuits Maximus[edit]

Circus of Crime[edit]

Clan Akkaba[edit]

Clan Boudreaux[edit]


Code: Blue[edit]


Comedy Kids[edit]

The Comedy Kids are three kids (Gabby, Muscles, and Junior) who appear in Comedy Comics #9


The Command is Florida's sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Initiative. Its known members are Jennifer Kale, Wundarr the Aquarian, Siege, and Conquistador (who was briefly replaced by a Skrull).[14]

Commission on Superhuman Activities[edit]





Council of the Chosen[edit]

Counter Force[edit]


Short for Child-Hero Reconnaissance and Disruption Law Enforcement, C.R.A.D.L.E. has been established to stop the teenage superheroes from violating the Underage Superhuman Warfare Act (AKA Kamala's Law). Known members are Dum Dum Dugan, Carolina Washington, Jake Oh, Justice, Speedball, and Timeslip.[15]

Craptacular B-Sides[edit]

Crazy Eight[edit]


The Creators were a league of sorcerers from various time periods, some from at least as far back as the Pre-Cataclysmic era. Backed by the power of the In-Betweener, the Creators temporarily took control of the universe by transforming themselves into stars in an attempt to control the entire universe, and forcing the real stars into human forms. All was set right again by Doctor Strange and the Ancient One.[16]



The villain Chronok stole Reed Richards' time machine, comes to the present and kills almost all of Marvel's heroes.

Cross Technological Enterprises[edit]



Dark Advanced Tech[edit]

Daily Bugle[edit]

Daily Globe[edit]

Damage Control[edit]

Dark Avengers[edit]

Norman Osborn formed his own version of the Avengers during the "Dark Reign" storyline.

Dark Guard[edit]

Dark Lords[edit]

Dark Riders[edit]

Dark X-Men[edit]

Norman Osborn formed his own version of the X-Men during the "Dark Reign" storyline.

Darkhold Redeemers[edit]

Daughters of Liberty[edit]

The Daughters of Liberty are a group of females that are determined to protect the freedom of everyone at all costs. Harriet Tubman was the leader of one incarnation under the name of Dryad. In the present, Dryad is a revived Peggy Carter and the present day Daughters of Liberty consist of Agatha Harkness, Black Widow, Invisible Woman, Mockingbird, Sharon Carter, Spider-Woman, Shuri, and White Tiger.[17]

Daughters of the Dragon[edit]

Dawn of the White Light[edit]

The Dawn of the White Light is a Japan-based mutant death-cult, led by the Gorgon. The cult forms an alliance with the Hand and HYDRA and together they turn superhumans to brainwashed assassins. The brainwashed X-Man Northstar then becomes the leader of the Dawn of the White Light and they go on a killing spree in America. Wolverine and some Sentinels then destroy the cult.

Deadpool Corps[edit]

Death Commandos[edit]

Death Squad[edit]

The Death Squad are hired by a mysterious employer who wants Tony Stark, the armored Avenger known as Iron Man, dead. They manage to track Iron Man down at his main office, and a battle began. Though they gave Stark a good run for his money, they were not able to defeat the super-hero. Stark is about to defeat the entire group, but they manage an escape. Stark is unable to give pursuit, as the Death Squad had damaged his armor's boot jets. Later, the Death Squad decide to give the murder attempt another try. They assist their employer (Justin Hammer) in the murder of several ionically-powered beings and in the graverobbing of several of Stark's old acquaintances. S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury informs Stark about this and he investigates the matter, with the trail eventually leading toward the Death Squad, who were hiding out at the old castle of the ionically-powered long-time Avengers foe Count Nefaria. Nefaria is revealed to be their employer. Iron Man manages to defeat Nefaria and his other minion, Nitro. In the heat of battle, the Death Squad again manages to escape.


Death Web[edit]

The members of Death Web were granted super powers by the Commission on Superhuman Activities with the intent that they use their powers to serve the government.[18] The team's individual members each obtained their unique powers through the scientific manipulation of chemicals extracted from exotic plants from the Amazon jungle.


Deep Six[edit]

There were two different incarnations of the Deep Six:

Namor's Deep Six[edit]

When Namor the Sub-Mariner was missing and framed for crimes in the surface world, several of his Atlantean allies set out to find him together as the first Deep Six. The impromptu group consisted of Stingray, Andromeda, Tiger Shark, Tamara Rahn, and Triton. They battled against the Avengers and then broke up shortly thereafter.[19]

Attuma's Deep Six[edit]

Alternatively, Attuma's incarnation of the Deep Six appeared in Defenders vol. 2 #7 (September, 2001). Membership of the group included Attuma, Nagala, Orka, Piranha, Sea Urchin, and Tiger Shark (now a villain again).


Defenders of the Deep[edit]

In order to protect the oceans, Namor forms the Defenders of the Deep with Tiger Shark, Orka, Andromeda, Echidna, the Piranhas, Fathom Five members Bloodtide and Manowar, and King Crab as its members.[20]

Delta Network[edit]

The Delta Network, also referred to as the Delta Force (no relation to the real life Delta Force) was the name of a group of Deviants, a fictional race of beings from Marvel Comics. The Delta Network was a group of Deviant warriors who were organized by Warlord Kro. When the Avengers were captured by the Deviant priesthood, Kro called the members into action to rescue them.



Desert Stars[edit]

The Desert Stars are Arizona's sanctioned superhero team in the Initiative. The group consists of Two-Gun Kid, Komodo, Johnny Cool, and Supermax. Blacksmith was revealed to be a Skrull infiltrator.[21]

Department H[edit]

Department K[edit]

Desert Sword[edit]

Desert Sword was designed to be Iraq's personal superhuman military team, led by Sirocco. The original team's roster included Sirocco, Aminedi, the Veil, and Black Raazer until Iraq forced Arabian Knight onto the team.


Diabolical Duo[edit]

Doctor Doom's Generals[edit]

Dominus' Minions[edit]

Dominous employed a number of servants to contend with the costumed champions who opposed its attempts to conquer the Earth. One of them was Sunstroke, a human being. The others were sentient beings created from lizards ("Gila"), cacti ("Cactus"), and rocks ("Butte") by means of the robot's alien technology. Dominus was able to create duplicates of each of the three artificially created beings.

DP 7[edit]


Earth Force[edit]

The Earth Force is a group of hospitalized people that were transformed by Seth. It consists of Earth Lord (created from a police officer who was hospitalized after being shot by criminals), Skyhawk (created from a businessman who was hospitalized from overwork), and Wind Warrior (created from a housewife who was hospitalized following a suicide attempt).[22]

Elders of the Universe[edit]

  • [[Elders of the Universe}}


Elements of Doom[edit]

A group consisting of numerous humanoid beings composed of the periodic table. They were created by aliens to battle the Avengers, but were all defeated. They were then recruited by Diablo after his Elementals of Doom were destroyed.

Elementals of Doom[edit]

Four giant personifications of Air, Water, Earth and Fire and referred to as such. They were created by Diablo through the use of the Tailsmans of Power to battle the Fantastic Four. He later created a fifth member called the Trans-Mutant who had the ability to transform the composition of one object to another. Diablo later combined all four Elementals into the Elematrix.

Elementals of Doom in other media[edit]

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, a team of virtual monsters created by Mysterio dubbed the Elementals appear. However, their behavior is more akin to the Elementals of Doom right down to them combining in the final battle. While each one is never named in the film, the marketing referred to the fire and water Elementals as Molten Man and Hydro-Man, though the film implies that the latter does actually exist somewhere.

Emmisaries of Evil[edit]

Enchanters Three[edit]











Factor Three[edit]

Factor Three is a short-lived supervillain team led by the Mutant Master, who was secretly an alien from a race of beings from Sirius that resemble octopuses.

Fallen Angels[edit]


The Fangs' are a group that was created to assist Viper in her goals. Its members are Bludgeon, Heat-Ray, Razorblade, and Slither.

Fantastic Five[edit]

Fantastic Force[edit]

Fantastic Four[edit]

Fathom Five[edit]

The Fathom Five is an Atlantean splintered miltary group with goals to decimate the surface world and were formed by a strike force called the "Fury of the Sea". It consists of Bloodtide, Dragonrider, Llyron, Manowar, and Sea Leopard.

Fear Lords[edit]

Fearsome Foursome[edit]


Femme Fatales[edit]


First Line[edit]

Seen in Marvel: The Lost Generation) - Essentially a retcon to fill the gaps caused by Marvel's "sliding timescale", in which the emergence of major superheroes and events was only supposed to have occurred "about ten or fifteen years ago"


Folding Circle[edit]

Followers of the Light[edit]

Force Four[edit]

Force of Nature[edit]

Force of Nature is an eco-terrorist group that work for the organization Project Earth. Known members are Aqueduct, Firebrand, Firewall, Skybreaker, Sunstreak, and Terraformer.[23]

Force Works[edit]


Freedom's Brigade[edit]

Freedom's Five[edit]

Freedom's Five is a World War I team featuring Union Jack, Phantom Eagle, Sir Steel, Silver Squire and Crimson Cavalier.

Freedom Force[edit]

Friends of Humanity[edit]

Frightful Four[edit]

Future Foundation[edit]


Galactic Guardians[edit]

Gamma Corps[edit]

Gamma Flight[edit]


The Garrison is Vermont's sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Initiative. Its known members are Fin and Man-Eater.[24]


Gene Nation[edit]

Generation X[edit]


Goblin Nation[edit]

The Goblin Nation, also known as the Goblin Underground, is a group of organized crime composed of Goblin-themed villains led by the Goblin King against the Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus' mind in Spider-Man's body).[25]

=Goblin Nation in other media[edit]

The Goblin Nation made its animated debut in the four-part Spider-Man animated series episode "Goblin War". This incarnation consists of various Goblin clans lead by Silvermane, Electro and Crossbones respectively with the Vulture operating as the Goblin King. Taking advantage of a power vacuum created by the Superior Spider-Man's actions, the Goblin Nation utilizes Oscorp's goblin technology to take over New York. After discovering the organization, Spider-Man joined forces with Spy-D, Ghost Spider, Spider-Girl, Harry Osborn as the Hobgoblin, Doctor Octopus, and Anna Maria Marconi to defeat the Goblin clans before focusing their efforts on the Goblin King. Using a Goblin mech capable of controlling technology, the Goblin King was able to consolidate the Goblin Nation's remnants in an attempt to secure power for himself. Realizing the Neuro Cortex can disable the Goblin mech at great cost to the user, Spider-Man planned to risk his life to accomplish the plan, only for Doc Ock to take his place instead and sacrifice himself to defeat the Goblin King.[26][27][28][29]


Godzilla Squad[edit]

The Godzilla Squad was formed to study Godzilla, ideally by capturing him, and preventing injury both to and by him. It was funded and partially controlled by S.H.I.E.L.D., with technology -- such as the Red Ronin mecha -- constructed by Stark International. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents attached to the Godzilla Squad included Dum Dum Dugan, Jimmy Woo, and Gabe Jones. The group was occasionally aided by the Avengers (particularly Henry Pym), the Fantastic Four (particularly Reed Richards), and Spider-Man. The organization was frequently opposed by Doctor Demonicus.

Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway[edit]


Great Beasts[edit]

Great Lakes Avengers[edit]

Green Cross[edit]

Guardians of the Galaxy[edit]

There were two versions of the Guardians of the Galaxy:

Guardians of the Galaxy (1969 version)[edit]

Guardians of the Galaxy (2008 version)[edit]







The Harriers are a team of mercenary soldiers, trained and equipped to battle both conventional and superhuman opponents. The organization consists of a military-style unit headed by the commanding officer, Hardcase, and nine other members. Each of the Harriers formerly served as an agent of the international law enforcement agency S.H.I.E.L.D. When the original version of S.H.I.E.L.D. was disbanded, these ten former S.H.I.E.L.D. banded together as the Harriers. The Harriers's last known base of operations was Colbert Chu's warehouse, Street of the Stunted Dog, Lowtown, Madripoor. Hardcase, Battleaxe, and Shotgun took an assignment from the DEA to infiltrate General Nguyen Ngoc Coy's organization in a failed attempt to destroy Coy's major opium crop in the Indochinese "Golden Triangle." During this operation, the Harriers clashed with Wolverine.[30] The Harriers were later hired by Wolverine to try to capture him, Psylocke, and Jubilee as a test of the Harriers's skills.[31]


The Harvesters are Kansas' sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Initiative. Its known members are Pioneer, Grain Belt, Topeka, Meadowlark, and Sunflower.[32]



Heavy Hitters[edit]

The Heavy Hitters are Nevada's sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Initiative. Known members are Gravity, Hardball, Nonstop, Prodigy, and Telemetry.[33]

Heavy Metal[edit]

There are two different versions of Heavy Metal:

Heavy Metal (Androids)[edit]

Heavy Metal is a group of androids consisting of Super-Adaptoid, Machine Man, Awesome Android, Sentry 459, and TESS-One.

Heavy Metal (Brute Force villains)=[edit]

Heavy Metal is a group of cybernetic animals that were created by Multicorp to fight the Brute Force. It consists of a gorilla named Uproar, a rhinoceros named Ramrod, a shark named Bloodbath, a vulture named Tailgunner, and an octopus named armory.

Heavy Mettle[edit]

Heavy Mettle is a supervillain group that was founded by Joseph Manfredi.


Hell's Belles[edit]

Hell's Belles is a team is composed of female mutant terrorists. They were formed by Cyber to commit acts of extortion, and worked for a notorious drug cartel.

Hellfire Club[edit]



Heralds of Galactus[edit]

Heroes for Hire[edit]


Hordeculture is a group of agrochemists, biotechnologists, and bioengineers consisting of Augusta Bromes, Lily Leymus, Edith Scutch, and Opal Vetiver. Specializing in the genetic manipulation and propaganda of plant life, they plan to depopulate the human race so that they can return Earth to what they consider a "more pristine state."[34]

Horsemen of Apocalypse[edit]


Howling Commandos[edit]


Humanity's Last Stand[edit]



These characters, created by Bill Everett, Steve Gerber and Win Mortimer first appeared in Sub-Mariner #61 (May, 1973). The Hydro-Men is an organization led by fanatical scientist Herman Frayne who used mutagenic Terrigen Mist to transform himself into a green, scaly-skinned humanoid. He took the name of Doctor Hydro. He also transformed his hired agents into Hydro-Men as well.[35][36]




Imperial Guard[edit]

Infinity Watch[edit]



Institute of Evil[edit]

The Institute of Evil was a group of the Squadron Supreme's arch-foes. They were brainwashed to not be evil and became members of the Squadron.


Intelligencia is a group that consists of the greatest criminal minds on Earth. Its known members are Leader, MODOK, Mad Thinker, Red Ghost, and Wizard. Doctor Doom and Egghead were shown as former members.[37]


The Intruders are an elite offshoot of the Wild Pack.


Inner Circle[edit]




Kid Commandos[edit]

Killraven's Freemen=[edit]

Knights of Pendragon[edit]

Knights of Wundagore[edit]

Kree Sentries[edit]


Lady Liberators[edit]

Landau, Luckman, and Lake[edit]

Lava Men[edit]

League of Losers[edit]

The League of Losers are a superhero from Earth-6215 that opposes the time-traveling Chronok. They consist of that world's version of Dagger, Darkhawk, Gravity, Speedball, Sleepwalker, Terror, and X-23.[38]

Leatherneck Raiders[edit]

Lebeau Clan[edit]

Legion of Monsters[edit]

Legion of Night[edit]

Legion of the Unliving[edit]


Lethal Legion[edit]



Liberty Legion[edit]


Living Erasers[edit]

Lizard Men[edit]

There are different types of Lizard Men in Marvel Comics:



Lost Souls[edit]



Maelstrom's Minions[edit]



The Magistrates are a fictional police force that operate in the fictional nation of Genosha.




Masters of Evil[edit]

The Mavericks[edit]

The Mavericks are New Mexico's sanctioned superhero team that's part of the Initiative. Its known members are Annex, Geiger, and Jocasta. She-Thing was revealed to be a Skrull imposter.[21]

Mega Morphs[edit]

Mercs for Money[edit]



Midnight Sons[edit]

Midnight Wreckers[edit]

The Midnight Wreckers are a group of scavengers who allied with Dr. Peter Spaulding and Willie "Gears" Garvin during the robot revolution. They consist of Hassle, Bags, and Swift.[39]

Mighty Avengers[edit]

Mindless Ones[edit]

Minions of Menace[edit]

Monster Hunters[edit]


Mutant Liberation Front[edit]




Nasty Boys[edit]

National Force[edit]


New Avengers[edit]

New Canaanites[edit]

New Enforcers[edit]

After the fall of Kingpin, the New Enforcers were one of the groups contesting for control of the remains of his empire. The New Enforcers' inner circle consists of Controller, Fixer, Madame Menace, Mentallo, and Mister Fear while their outer circle consists of Blitz, Dragon Man, Dreadnought, Eel, Plantman, a Super-Adaptoid, Tangle, Thermite, and Vanisher.[40]

New Intelligencia[edit]

The New Intelligencia is an incarnation of Intelligencia consisting of MODOK Superior, Leader, Mad Thinker, Awesome Android, and Mister Sinister.[41]

New Invaders[edit]

New Men[edit]

New Mutants[edit]

New Warriors[edit]

New X-Men[edit]



Nick Fury's Howling Commandos[edit]

Night Shift[edit]



Nova Corps[edit]



The O-Force is a superhuman team created for a reality television show where mutants compete for a place in the O-Force team. It's known members include Obituary, Ocean, Ocelot, Oink, Ooze, Optoman, Oracle, Orbit, Orchid, Orifice, and Overkill while Ozone was a wanabe member who was rejected.


Office of National Emergency[edit]


The Offenders are a short-lived team meant to serve as an anti-Defenders group formed by the Collector and consisting of Red Hulk, Baron Mordo, Tiger Shark, and Terrax. Hulu intended to air an animated special called The Offenders with Howard the Duck, MODOK, Hit-Monkey, Tigra, and Dazzler making up the titular team, who would have all had pre-established shows of their own.[42] In January 2020 however, Howard the Duck and Tigra & Dazzler were cancelled, though M.O.D.O.K. and Hit-Monkey are still moving forward.[43]


Omega Flight[edit]

Omega Gang[edit]

The Order[edit]

There were two different versions of The Order.

The Order (Defenders offshoot version)[edit]

This version is an offshoot of the Defenders formed by Doctor Strange, Hulk, Namor, and Silver Surfer who plotted to conquer the world in order to protect it while they were under Yandroth's curse.

The Order (Initiative version)[edit]

This version of The Order is California's sanctioned superhero team in the Initiative.


There are two different versions of Outcast.

Outcasts (Subterranea version)[edit]

This is the version of the Outcasts from Subterranea.

Outcasts (Mutants version)[edit]

This version is a mutant group.


The Outlaws are an elite version of the Wild Pack.


Pacific Overlords[edit]

The Pacific Overlords is a fictional supervillain team consisted largely of humans mutated by Doctor Demonicus.

Pale Riders[edit]



The Paragons are a fictional team made up of students of the Xavier Institute and are instructed by members of the X-Men. They consist of DJ, Match, Pixie, Preview, Trance, and Wolf Cub. The squad's colors are green, pink, and black.[44] The Paragons are initially advised by original New Mutants member Wolfsbane. Wolfsbane is involved in a scandal when her romantic relationship with a student, Elixir, is brought to light. She chooses to leave before the school has a chance to fire her.[44] Magma is assigned as the squad's new advisor.[45]

People's Defense Force[edit]

There are two different versions of the People's Defense Force.

People's Defense Force (Belgium version)[edit]

This version is a group of Hank Pym's enemies that operate out of the Bratislava Prison Superhuman Research Center.

People's Defense Force (China version)[edit]

This version is China's sanctioned superhero team following the breakup of China Force.

Pet Avengers[edit]

Point Men[edit]

The Point Men are Hawaii's sanctioned superhero team that is part of the Initiative. Its known members are Stingray, Devil-Slayer, Star Sign, and Paydirt. Magnitude was revealed to be a Skrull infiltrator.[46]

Power Broker Inc.[edit]

Power Elite[edit]

The Power Elite is a cabal of influential brokers that came together to strengthen the country after Hydra's brief takeover of the United States. Its known members include Thunderbolt Ross, Phil Coulson, Selene, Mayor Wilson Fisk, Norman Osborn, a resurrected Aleksander Lukin (who has the remnant of Red Skull's mind in him) and his wife Alexa, Zeke Stane, Baron Strucker, and Taskmaster.[47]

Power Pack[edit]

Press Gang[edit]


Prime Sentinels[edit]

Project Pegasus[edit]

Project Rebirth[edit]

Project Wideawake[edit]





Queen's Vengeance[edit]



The Rangers are a superhero team that later became the superhero team for Texas.


The Ravagers are a group of space pirates that are led by Yondu.









The Right is an anti-mutant organization founded by Cameron Hodge that first appeared in X-Factor #17 (June 1987). The Right employed commandos in high-tech flying battle suits of powered armor with machine guns, missiles, and (presumably to disturb or distract their victims) faceplates resembling a smiley face (in some sources these suits were subsequently nicknamed "Smiley-Face Battlesuits"). They also employed scientists and inventors such as Nanny[48] and Ani-Mator.[49] They faced off against X-Factor and the New Mutants.


The Rocketeers are beings who wear special costumes with rockets on their backs, enabling the wearers to fly. The Rocketeers also fire rockets as weapons from portable launching equipment they carry. The Rocketeers' costumes and equipment were designed by the Dire Wraiths for use against the Spaceknights of Galador. The Rocketeers' costumes are, however, inferior imitations of their prototype, which was worn by the Torpedo until his death.

Roxxon Energy Corporation[edit]




The S-Men are a group of supervillains who were formed by a clone of Red Skull to serve as his version of the X-Men with the main objective to destroy mutantkind. The team is made up of people who have all suffered atrocities at the hands of mutants during their life, including those who have seen their families slaughtered by evil mutants. It's members include the Goat-Faced Girl, Dancing Water (the illegitimate daughter of Avalanche), Dangerous Jinn, Insect, Living Wind, Honest John, Mzee, and an unidentified monk. With the help of Red Skull and Arnim Zola, these people have gone through lengthy and painful genetic alterations involving mad science and magical artifacts in order to gain the powers they now possess (though some may have been born with their powers and others, such as Dancing Water, may in fact be mutants themselves). They first appeared after the Avengers vs. X-Men storyline where they attacked Rogue and Scarlet Witch near the grave of Professor X. The S-Men defeated Rogue and Scarlet Witch and managed to make off with Professor X's body while taking Rogue and Scarlet Witch as their captives.[50] The S-Men held Rogue and Scarlet Witch as prisoners of Red Skull as he fused part of Professor X's brain with his own. Rogue managed to absorb some of Dancing Water's powers to escape and look for Scarlet Witch.[51] Red Skull used Honest John to take the form of Odin in order to get Thor to help the S-Men attack the mutant race. Red Skull even used the Goat-Faced Girl to negate Wolverine's healing factor so that Thor can land a cataclysmic blow on him.[52] Scarlet Witch and Havok assist Captain America in fighting Red Skull until Dancing Water got him out of there. Afterwards, Captain America and Havok search for leads on where to find Red Skull and the S-Men.[53]

During the AXIS storyline, the S-Men and their ally Ahab stop Magneto when he arrives on Genosha to attack Red Skull.[54] Havok, Rogue, and Scarlet Witch are captured by the Red Skull's S-Men and sent to his concentration camp in Genosha.[55] In a fit of rage over finding mutants being used for freak medical experiments, Magneto kills the entire S-Men. Honest John, Dangerous Jinn, and the unnamed monk were the only survivors of the attack.[56]

Salem's Seven[edit]


Savage Land Mutates[edit]

Savage Six[edit]

Scarlet Knights[edit]

Scarlet Spiders (Red Team)[edit]


Schutz Heiliggruppe[edit]

Secret Avengers[edit]

Secret Empire (organization)[edit]

Secret Warriors[edit]


Serpent Men[edit]

Serpent Society[edit]

Serpent Squad[edit]

Shadow Council[edit]

The Shadow Council is an organization that was founded by Aloysius Thorndrake and the Confederacy soldiers with him after they went through the Vanishing Point and came in contact with an entity called the Abyss.[57]

Shadow Council in other media[edit]

A reimagined version of the Shadow Council appears in the Avengers: Black Panther's Quest animated television series. This iteration of the group is a secret organization once led by Heinrich Zemo in the 1940s before it was disbanded after Captain America and Peggy Carter defeated them in Switzerland. By the present, a horde of new supervillains re-established the organization and sought to recruit more new members to acquire three Wakandan relics called the Panther's Key. The organization is led by Killmonger and consists of Ulysses Klaue, Madame Masque, Tiger Shark, Princess Zanda, M'Baku, and several Wakandan civilians.

Shadow Initiative[edit]





Shock Troop[edit]


Sinister Six[edit]

Sinister Syndicate[edit]

Sisterhood of the Wasp[edit]

The Sisterhood of the Wasp is a group that is led by Wasp.

Sisters of Sin[edit]


Six-Fingered Hand[edit]

Six Pack[edit]

Skeleton Crew[edit]

The Skeleton Crew was an organization built by the Red Skull from his operatives.

Skrull Kill Krew[edit]


Soldiers of Misfortune[edit]

The Solution[edit]

Sons of Satannish[edit]

The Sons of Satannish were a cult of sorcerers who received mystical power from Satannish.

Sons of the Serpent[edit]

The Sons of the Serpent are a subversive organization of costumed American racist super-patriots who oppose all racial, ethnic, and religious minorities.

Sons of the Tiger[edit]

Soviet Super-Soldiers[edit]


Space Phantoms[edit]

Special Executive[edit]

Spider Society[edit]



Spirits of Vengeance[edit]

Squadron Sinister[edit]

Squadron Supreme[edit]

There are different incarnations of the Squadron Supreme:

Squadron Supreme (Supreme Power version)[edit]

This version of the Squadron Supreme was created for the Max imprint of Marvel Comics.

Squadron Supreme of America[edit]

When the Power Elite collaborated with Mephisto, he created some simulacrums that were programmed to become the Squadron Supreme of America where they would serve as the sanctioned superhero team in the United States. Power Elite member Phil Coulson serves as their liaison to the U.S. government.[58]

Stane International[edit]

Stane International is the company that is run by Obadiah Stane.



Stark Industries[edit]

Star Masters[edit]



Sunset Riders[edit]


The Super-Axis first appear in Invaders #40 (May 1979) and were created by Roy Thomas and Alan Kupperberg. The Super-Axis, consisting of former Invaders foes Master Man;[59] U-Man;[60] the original Baron Blood[61] and Warrior Woman[62] are gathered together in the second last issue of the title by the Japanese spy Lady Lotus. Using hypnotism to summon and control the villains, Lotus intends to use the newly formed Super-Axis to undermine the United States on the home front during World War II. Individual members initially skirmish with the Invaders, and the original Human Torch is also hypnotised. In a final battle at an amusement park, the entire Super-Axis confront the Invaders, but are defeated by the heroes' superior teamwork. The Torch also frees himself from Lotus' control, and attempts to locate the villain, who has fled. The final panels of the last issue show Lotus being warned by master villain the Yellow Claw about the dangers of overconfidence.[63] An issue of the limited series New Invaders reveals in flashback that U-Man raped Lady Lotus in retaliation for the mind control. Lady Lotus eventually gives birth to their child, Nia Noble.[64]

Super Soldiers[edit]


Superhuman Restraint Unit[edit]









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