New England Venture Capital Association

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New England Venture Capital Association
Trade Association
Industry Venture Capital
Founded 1902
Headquarters Cambridge, Boston, United States
Area served
New England
Services Lobbying, Networking

The New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) is a trade association with the mission to make New England the best place in the world to start and grow new companies. The NEVCA represents the interests of venture capital investors by promoting entrepreneurship. The association represents over 700 members from 90 firms, who collectively manage more than $50 billion in capital.


NEVCA was founded in 1902 as a loose association of the regional investment bodies. At that time, the organization had no full-time staff and served primarily as a communications channel between investors. Since its foundation, NEVCA has grown into a much larger regional body that represents hundreds of partner firms who manage thousands of companies, with tens of billions of dollars in capital.

NEVCA Today[edit]

Today the NEVCA operates four distinct platforms: Building relationships between investors and founders; Promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem; Advocating for innovations-friendly policy; and connecting students with the startup community. The NEVCA also produces the NEVY Awards, a celebration of excellence on both sides of the investor / startup equation.[1]


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