The New English Hymnal

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The New English Hymnal
New English Hymnal.jpg
Cover of The New English Hymnal
CountryUnited Kingdom
SubjectReligious sheet music/hymnal and Christian liturgy
PublisherCanterbury Press
Publication date
Media typePrint (hardback)
ISBN978-0-907547-51-8 (full music edition)
WebsiteThe New English Hymnal on Canterbury Press

The New English Hymnal is a hymn book and liturgical source, aimed towards the Church of England, first published in 1986. It was published by the Canterbury Press (now SCM Canterbury Press). The copyright is held by The English Hymnal Company Limited. It is a successor to, and published in the same style as, the 1906 English Hymnal.[1] It inherits much music from the earlier book, and although a few hymns are dropped many newer or re-written hymns are added, most of which had previously appeared in the intervening supplement English Praise.[2] Although the words of several hymns have been altered slightly, it nonetheless enjoys continuing favour in a considerable number of cathedrals and collegiate chapels worldwide and it is a significant publication in Anglican church music. Its extensive provision of hymns for saints' days and mid-week religious festivals has proved popular with those schools still maintaining hymn-singing in daily acts of worship.

The then chairman of the English Hymnal Company, George Timms, was its general editor. The musical editor was Anthony Caesar with significant assistance from Arthur Hutchings, Christopher Dearnley and Michael Fleming.

New English Praise[edit]

A supplement, New English Praise,[3] was published in 2006 containing additional liturgical material, canticle settings, psalm settings and plainchant accompaniments.

Revised English Hymnal[edit]

A completely new and revised hymnal is due to be published in 2019.[4][5]

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