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New Forms
Roni Size-New Forms (album cover).jpg
Studio album by Roni Size / Reprazent
Released 23 June 1997 (1997-06-23)
Genre Drum and bass, jazzstep
Length 139:54 (CD)
57:17 (4x vinyl)
54:20 (5x vinyl)
78:24 (single CD)
Label Talkin' Loud
Roni Size / Reprazent chronology
Music Box
(1995)Music Box1995
New Forms
In the Møde
(2000)In the Møde2000
Singles from New Forms
  1. "Share the Fall"
    Released: 2 June 1997
  2. "Heroes"
    Released: 1 September 1997
  3. "Brown Paper Bag"
    Released: 3 November 1997

New Forms is the debut album by the drum and bass act Roni Size / Reprazent and was released on 23 June 1997. The double-disc set was the winner of the Mercury Prize in 1997,[1] and often cited as their magnum opus.

A companion remix album, Replica, was also released. It includes "Western", the UK b-side of the "Brown Paper Bag" single, along with various remixes of album tracks.

The album went on to be re-recorded as New Forms² in 2008.


The album was released in various formats with slightly different track lists. In the UK, there was a 2CD version and a single disc edition, and the vinyl was released in both 4LP and 5LP versions. Of the two vinyl versions, the most common pressing is the 4LP version comprising most of the first CD; the 5-LP set includes tracks from the second CD, replacing "Intro" with "Heroes" and "Digital", which are appended to the end.[2] In the US, only the 2CD version was released, though this contained the bonus track of "Electricks".


Commercial performance[edit]

New Forms entered the UK Albums Chart during the week ending 5 July 1997 and peaked at number 8.[3] By September 2011, the album had sold 325,000 copies in the United Kingdom since its release.[4]

Critical response[edit]

Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic5/5 stars[5]
Chicago Tribune3/4 stars[6]
Entertainment WeeklyA[7]
The Guardian4/5 stars[8]
Los Angeles Times3/4 stars[9]
Rolling Stone3.5/5 stars[13]

New Forms was released to generally favourable reviews. AllMusic described the album as "the major statement on drum'n'bass",[5] while in 2010 BBC Music noted that it "carved a mainstream niche for drum and bass like no album before it".[15] Pitchfork Media's Ryan Schreiber was less generous, commenting that the album "doesn't really get decent until the second half of disc one".[12]

Track listing[edit]

CD pressing

All tracks written by Roni Size, except where noted.

Disc one
1."Railing" (Size, Dominic Smith)2:05
2."Brown Paper Bag"9:03
3."New Forms" (Size, Bahamadia, Suv)7:45
4."Let's Get It On"6:57
5."Digital" (Size, Onallee)9:05
6."Matter of Fact"4:05
7."Mad Cat"4:56
8."Heroes" (Size, Onallee)6:35
9."Share the Fall (full vocal mix)" (Size, Onallee, Die, Krust)6:13
10."Watching Windows" (Size, Onallee)5:33
11."Beatbox" (Size, Suv)1:09
12."Morse Code"6:58
13."Destination" (Size, Onallee, Ben Watt, Tracey Thorn)8:12
Disc two
3."Trust Me"6:26
4."Change My Life"8:27
5."Share the Fall" (Size, Onallee, Die, Krust)6:26
6."Down" (Size, Die)6:51
7."Jazz" (Size, Suv)6:04
8."Hot Stuff" (Size, Krust)6:32
9."Ballet Dance" (Size, Die)6:41
10."Electricks" (US bonus track; appears on Japanese pressings as "Treatment")6:17
4x Vinyl pressing
Side A
1."Brown Paper Bag"9:10
Side B
1."New Forms" (Size, Bahamadia, Suv)7:48
2."Railing" (Size, Dominic Smith)2:05
Side C
1."Let's Get It On"7:02
Side D
1."Share the Fall (full vocal mix)" (Size, Onallee, Die, Krust)5:48
Side E
1."Matter of Fact"4:05
Side F
1."Mad Cat"4:56
Side G
1."Morse Code"6:42
2."Beatbox" (Size, Suv)1:11
Side H
1."Destination" (Size, Onallee, Ben Watt, Tracey Thorn)8:13
5x Vinyl pressing
Side A
Side B
1."Trust Me"6:26
Side C
1."Change My Life"8:27
Side D
1."Share the Fall" (Size, Onallee, Die, Krust)6:26
Side E
1."Down" (Size, Die)6:51
Side F
1."Jazz" (Size, Suv)6:04
Side G
1."Hot Stuff" (Size, Krust)6:32
Side H
1."Ballet Dance" (Size, Die)6:41
Side I
1."Heroes (album version)" (Size, Onallee)6:34
Side J
1."Digital" (Size, Onallee)9:04

New Forms²[edit]

New Forms²
Studio album by Roni Size/Reprazent
Released 2008
Genre Drum and bass
Length 72:10
Label Talkin' Loud
Producer Roni Size
Roni Size/Reprazent chronology
Return to V
(2004)Return to V2004
New Forms²
Professional ratings
Review scores
IDJ5/5 stars
Mojo4/5 stars
Resident Advisor2/5 stars[16]

New Forms² is a 2008 remake of the original New Forms album. Roni Size has described it as having a "new coat of armour added to the original tracks".[17] The album contains four new songs: "Heart to Heart", "Less is More", "Don't Hold Back" and "Encore", while omitting several of the songs from the original pressing. The majority of the record features edited versions of previous tracks, with segues throughout. The most drastic cuts occur to "Brown Paper Bag" and "Let's Get It On", which are reduced by over five minutes each; the latter becoming a simple ambient interlude.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Roni Size, except where noted.

1."Railings" (Size, Dominic Smith)2:05
2."Brown Paper Bag"3:46
3."New Forms" (Size, Bahamadia, Suv)4:47
4."Let's Get It On"1:41
5."Trust Me"5:03
6."Digital" (Size, Onallee)6:35
7."Matter of Fact"3:57
8."Heroes" (Size, Onallee)4:14
9."Share the Fall (full vocal mix)" (Size, Onallee, Die, Krust)6:09
10."Heart to Heart" (Size, Onallee)4:51
11."Less Is More" (Size, Suv)6:15
12."Down" (Size, Die)5:12
14."Don't Hold Back" (Size, Dominic Smith)2:57
15."Beatbox" (Size, Suv)1:09
17."Destination" (Size, Onallee, Ben Watt, Tracey Thorn)3:51


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