New Fraternity Party

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New Fraternity Party

Shintō Yūai
President Kansei Nakano
Founded 1 January 1998
Dissolved 27 April 1998
Split from New Frontier Party
Merged into Democratic Party of Japan
Ideology Social liberalism
Democratic socialism

The New Fraternity Party (新党友愛 Shintō Yūai?) was a Japanese political party that existed in early 1998. It was founded by Diet members that broke away from the New Frontier Party in January 1998. It was a liberal party espousing various left of centre causes.

The name has its origins in the Taishō period democratic movements, which used the word yūai (fraternity) as a motto. The party also claimed that yūai had a phonetic similarity to the English "you and I", representing their hope of cooperating with ordinary Japanese.

The party was led by Lower House member Kansei Nakano, now a member of the Democratic Party.

In April 1998, the New Fraternity Party merged with the Good Governance Party, the previous Democratic Party (1996-1998) and the Democratic Reform Party (民主改革連合 Minshu-Kaikaku-Rengō?) to form the brand-new Democratic Party.

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