New Galilee (Sixth Epoch)

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The New Galilee is the name given in the Western Wisdom Teachings to the New Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible. According to these Christian esoteric teachings, the New Galilee represents the future Sixth Epoch in mankind's evolutionary path and will see the transition of humanity to the etheric region of the Earth.

Usage in the Western Wisdom Teachings[edit]

According to the Rosicrucian writings of Max Heindel the sixth sub-race of the current Aryan Epoch (the fifth epoch) has evolved among the Slavic peoples and the seventh sub-race is now evolving from this sixth sub-race. Heindel refers that the United States is the melting pot to form the last race in human evolution that will exist at the beginning of the Sixth Epoch, the New Galilee:

Similar views[edit]

Matthias (Robert Matthews) wrote that a seventh sub-race will generate the Sixth Epoch as the United States extends its influence across the planet, forming a New Galilee, in opposition to the reptilian forces.

The next phase of this development will be the identification of the possibilities for the transition to this epoch, through the Matthias harmonics.[citation needed]

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