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New Game Network
Type of site
Available inEnglish
OwnerPrivately held
RegistrationFree, Optional
LaunchedJanuary 2009
Current statusActive

New Game Network (commonly referred to as NGN) is an independent Canadian-based website that covers news, articles, previews, reviews and blogs about video games. The company has staff and freelancers from Canada, USA, Australia and UK. The website was founded in January 2009,[1] and contains over 1700 articles and features. Primary focus is on the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Nintendo Switch platform coverage.


The website was founded in January 2009, when two colleagues and gamers thought of an idea. The site began as a basic HTML template, later being moved on and integrated into the PHP Nuke CMS. The new design went live on January 17, 2009 and remained active for several months.[2]

With the traffic gradually increasing, the website founders have decided to expand the operations, but a new system was required to handle the content and visitor numbers. A new website design went live on August 3, 2009 with the staff also shifting the coverage to include the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360[2] alongside the PC. Nintendo Wii was also initially supported, but was shut down sometime later due to lack of popularity. The website attempted to pick up Nintendo coverage again with the launch of Wii U in November 2012.

In 2017, the website began covering Nintendo Switch, and was accepted to Metacritic[3]


As of November 2017, New Game Network's database has expanded substantially since the website's origination. Approximately, there are:

  • Over 1700 original articles[4]
  • Over 7,000 screenshots[5]
  • Over 14,000 news pieces
  • 3900+ games in the database[6]

After upgrading to a new content management system, the website went through a traffic resurgence. In 2010, a new marketing campaign helped pushed the website to over 2,000 unique visitors per day, which placed the site in the top 100,000 globally on Alexa[7] The website began to dominate readership locally, reaching the top 10,000 sites in Canada.

The website has also received regular coverage within the gaming community, such as from Frozenbyte,[8] InCrysis,[9] NeoGAF[10] and VideoGamesBlogger.[11]

Many news items have also been sourced in various well known media publications such as VE3D,[12] Tech Report,[13] MS Xbox World,[14] VG Releases[15] and IncGamers.[16]

New Game Network has been present at number of industry events, including PAX East, GDC Canada, E3 and PAX Prime. The website has provided extensive coverage for all of these conventions, including previews[17][18] and interviews with high-ranking members of the industry.[19][20]

The website's review scores are currently tracked at GameRankings,[21] OpenCritic,[22] and Metacritic[23]

Review Scoring[edit]

New Game Network rates titles based on a free-form system that includes category scores and a final score out of 100. The categories scored include Presentation, Gameplay, Single Player, Multiplayer, and Performance. The overall rating is determined based on category scores, but not as a mathematical average. There is also a tiered system for the overall score that gives readers an overall impression of the game based on the number.[24]


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